Manpreet “Preety” Mahal, MD

The Ultimate Guide to Med School Study Tools [WEBINAR]

With thousands of tech-forward med school study tools and resources to help prepare for USMLE® Step 1 and Step 2 (CK), and COMLEX, it’s can be difficult to figure out which is best. Manpreet “Preety” Mahal, MD, @foodiewithscrubs, discussed the options available to take studying to the next level, and their go-to tools for success in med school and board exam prep. 

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Learn More About How Picmonic Works with Other Med School Study Tools

Picmonic + SketchyMedicine

Picmonic + First Aid

Picmonic’s First Aid Playlist helps students get the most out of the First Aid book, and students often share comments with us explaining how they do it.

Picmonic + Anki

Med Student Resources: At the Click of a Mouse🖱️


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