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Medical Mnemonics and Study Tools for Med Students

Save time when studying, boost your test scores, get your life back. Picmonic for Medicine has 2,000+ need-to-know mnemonics for medical students in 2-5 minute videos as well as study tools and Step 1 & 2 resources to help you learn faster and remember more.

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Master the Facts

  • Concise, impactful videos (2-5 min) of each medical mnemonic
  • Related facts & media help you learn efficiently & effectively
  • Built-in rapid review recall quizzes
  • Daily quizzes to reinforce learning

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Review for Exams

  • Use Playlists as study plans (organized by course topic or text book)
  • Recommended Picmonics to study will automatically appear on your home screen

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Efficient USMLE Prep

  • USMLE STEP 1 and STEP 2 resources
  • Research-proven to increase test scores 50%
  • Use with Qbanks as a refresher or to learn topics you are struggling with

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Preview Before Lectures

  • Visually learn medical mnemonics for a quick introduction to topics
  • Familiarity with facts and media ensures lectures lead to mastery of details

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Daily Spaced Repetition

  • Exactly what you need to review, when you need to review it
  • Start early so the Spaced-repetition-based Daily Quiz can automatically adjust to increase long-term retention

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Study Scheduler

  • Cover all material you need to know by your exam date
  • Algorithms automatically serve up the medical topics you need to know at a comfortable pace

Choose a Plan That’s Right for You

Our entire library of 2,000+ medical mnemonics is included with every paid plan below.

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Medical School Success

Med students who started using Picmonic in their early years of medical school achieved dream STEP scores and matched into competitive residency programs. Learning medicine with Picmonic set them up with success during classes and clinicals on their way to becoming practicing physicians.

Ridiculously Effective Study Tool

Built by medical professionals, Picmonic’s efficient & effective visual learning system paves your path to success.

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What is a Picmonic?

LEARN – REVIEW – QUIZ. We’ve taken what science shows – medical mnemonics work – and boosted their effectiveness with an evidence-based approach that increases retention by 331% & exam scores by 50%.

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Comprehensive Study Tool

Everything you need to know to ace your exams through graduation, boards, certifications, and more.

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Medical App for On-the-Go

No Wifi? No problem. Study Picmonics in “offline” mode, or enjoy continuous play of audio in “gym” mode.

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Anki Flashcard Add-On

Instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield fact list, Video and Quiz for any Anki flashcard you’re studying.

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Related Facts Made Easy

To succeed in medical school you have to learn a topic AND how it relates to everything else.

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Customize & Create

With powerful customization capabilities, your medical study resources become even more efficient, targeted, and complete.

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Picmonic for Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

Is Picmonic only for exam prep?

Nope! Picmonic for Medicine covers information that is relevant to your entire medical education. Whether you’re studying for your classes, getting ready to crush your board exams, or just brushing up on info during your rotations, we’re here to help. You can view our topic list to see what we cover!

What do I get with a subscription?

You get access to all 2,000+ medical mnemonics and 24,000+ fact quizzes, plus access to our medical mobile app, infographics, spaced repetition review notifications, and more.

Does Picmonic guarantee I’ll pass USMLE or COMLEX?

Yep! In fact We’re so confident that Picmonic will help you pass, we’ll give you your money back. If you do not pass your USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, COMLEX Level 1, or COMLEX Level 2 within 1 year of your Picmonic subscription expiration date, we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.*

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Picmonic Guarantee:


  • You have purchased a 3 month or longer Picmonic for Medicine subscription.
  • You have Learned at least 500 Picmonics for Medicine prior to your test date.
  • You submit proof of results within 30 days of date of receipt of letter/email to feedback@picmonic.com.

Terms and conditions apply.

How do I know Picmonic will work?

Picmonic is research-backed and proven to improve long-term memory retention by up to 331% and help you score 50% higher on tests. If you want to check out our IRB-approved study.

What’s the difference between Picmonic and SketchyMedical?

There are many differences between Picmonic and SketchyMedical! Both are great resources if you are a visual learner. Here’s a few of the main differences:

  • Picmonic offers 2,000+ med videos, Sketchy offers 350+.
  • Picmonic’s average time per video is 2-3 minutes, Sketchy’s is 10-30 minutes.
  • Picmonic offers the ability to customize your content by adding facts, characters, and even creating your own Picmonics.
  • Picmonic for Medicine costs $179.88 for 12 months, SketchyMedical costs $399.99 for 12 months.

Is Picmonic free? What’s the catch?!

Picmonic provides free access to our most popular Videos, Multiple Choice Quiz Questions, and Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition for 5 days. No credit card required! If you need access to our full library, we suggest you check out our paid subscriptions, which now have even lower prices.

How can I score a discount on Picmonic with a group buy?

Easy! To launch a group buy, just click on the group buy section below the pricing options. You’ll then be able to launch a group buy and join as its first member.

Just for launching or joining a group buy:

  • You save 15% up front
  • You get a 15% refund if your group gets 5 members

As a member of a group buy, you’ll get easy sharing tools so you can invite friends to join your group and get in on the deal.

All group buys have a set expiration date that will be clearly displayed upon or joining or launching.

This group buy is such an amazing deal that it may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

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