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Top Med Resources and Channels for Medical School Students

Being in medical school is one of the most significant education and career paths out there. Between classes, studying, clinicals, applying for residency, and so much more, knowing where to turn for advice, insights and levity for the world in which you are currently living isn’t just important; it’s essential.

As one of your best friends from day one of medical school, Picmonic will be there for you through the late nights, the practice tests and long after you find out which residency program you matched with. To jump-start wherever you currently are in your medical school journey, enjoy our Top 5 Medical School Resources to get you to your next big accomplishment.

TheMD Journey

This blog is a great place to start if you’re new to medical school or not sure what the best resources are. TheMD Journey was started by a first year Internal Medicine resident to help other medical school students succeed with less stress. Here at Picmonic, we are on-board with this goal. We can all agree that it won’t always be easy, but we all want you to succeed and enjoy the journey!

You can expect to learn about personal successes, failures and discoveries about medical school, along with learning plenty of tips and advice. Recent blog content includes preparing for the USMLE Step 1 and a deeper dive into a number of specialties, including cardiology, pediatrics, and dermatology. But one of the things we really love about TheMD Journey is that there is great content for more than just school and studying, like dealing with the stress of medical school, student loans and even how to make relationships work while in medical school.

We enjoy TheMD Journey’s YouTube channel as well with videos that range from motivational advice, resident profiles, and a lot of great tips for more efficient studying.

Dr. Michael Cellini

A Senior Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology Resident, Dr. Michael Cellini shares video content on his YouTube channel around medical school and residency, radiology, and general hospital vlogs. He also posts videos about things that interest him personally and professionally that you may enjoy, like travel vlogs and even a series of his reactions to medical dramas on TV!

He does some interesting “Day in the Life” videos following things like a 48-hour on-call weekend, overnight ER, fellowship interview, and as a junior radiology resident. There is great content here that covers a wide range of topics, that we know any medical student will enjoy Dr. Michael Cellini. A great one to start with is his most popular “How I Memorized Everything in Medical School” which already has over a million views!

The Strive to Fit

Jamie started The Strive to Fit as a first-year Emergency Medicine resident in NYC and blends her love of medicine, science, travel, fitness and style to share with others. One of her largest YouTube playlists is dedicated to medical school. She has more than 80 videos covering topics like getting into medical school, what she took to school each day, useful apps for medical students, study schedules, day in the life videos and so much more. If you’re just getting started on your medical school journey, these videos will be very helpful.

Now that Jamie is a resident, she shares experiences of working five consecutive days, her best morning routine, ICU rotations, working in the emergency department and staying positive through challenging days (or weeks). Jamie is passionate about her career and enjoys sharing that passion with her peers and future doctors. Don’t miss her Instagram account either where her travel, work, and personal life intersect.

Life of a Med Student

Life of a Med Student started nearly 10 years ago and continues to be a place for support, tips, advice, current trends, and some humor to help you survive medical school. We are pretty confident that whatever topic you are looking to dive into, Life of a Med Student probably has you covered. You can find everything from the impact of COVID-19 on medical students to tips to surviving medical school (from a spouse!), USMLE, dealing with depression, and even the best medical pick-up lines! It isn’t just medical school students who benefit from Life of a Med Student. Pre-med and residents get love too with their own sections.

If like many, you love the quick check of Instagram for something helpful or something funny (or both), don’t forget Life of a Med Student’s Instagram account.

Mod x Med

Coming to the end of our Top 5 list kind of feels like coming to the end of the day, and Mary Ella who created Mod x Med is the perfect way to end! Mary Ella recently graduated (congratulations, Doctor!) and is a surgical intern. She started Mod x Med to document her journey and make the path to becoming a doctor less intimidating. Mary Ella, like many, blends her different passions on her blog, including medicine, travel, fashion and design (because she is also a dress designer), and wine!

Her Medical section is full of useful insights including premed, clinical years in medical school, clinical rotations, residency, osteopathic medicine and global health. Mary Ella takes you on a deeper journey into her passion for global health, because “The more I work, the more I realize that I want a big part of my life and career to be working in global health. There are a lot of ways to get involved, whether that be short-term trips, advocacy, health policy or diplomacy.” So if that interests you, Mod x Med needs to be on the top of your list!

Mary Ella’s extensive list of travel destinations she has explored, plus her dress designs and wine pairings and reviews make this 2021 resource one we can enjoy all weekend!

It wasn’t easy to narrow down the list of the many outstanding medical school resources out there. We hope you enjoy one or all of these blogs, vlogs, and other outlets to help you on your personal journey through medical school applications, medical school, clinicals, studying, USMLE, residency and every other big and small step along the way. Along with Picmonic, maybe a few colleagues to study with, the perfectly packed backpack (see Jamie at Strive to be Fit for tips!), you will have the support and resources to achieve your goals. Just remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Try Picmonic for free today, and enjoy the wealth of information and experience at your fingertips.


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