Most Popular Study Tools for Physician Assistant School: A Comprehensive Review [WEBINAR]

Most Popular Study Tools for Physician Assistant Students: A Comprehensive Review [WEBINAR]

When choosing from the most popular study tools for Physician Assistant students seems overwhelming, we’ve got your back.

PA student, influencer, and Pre-PA counselor, Rebecca DePalma, PA-S (@rebeccawestcoastpa), shares her go-to tools for studying in Physician Assistant school and preparing for board exams like the PANCE and PANRE. Rebecca covers all the popular tools, not only Picmonic, to give you an unbiased opinion on her favorites and what she used each tool for.

Pros and Cons of Popular Study Tools for Physician Assistant Students

Rebecca broke down the most popular tools for physician assistant students based on their goals for using the tool, including studying and memorization, flashcards and review, and question banks. 

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Studying & Memorization Tools for PA Students

Option: Picmonic

Option: SketchyMedical

Sure! Some people might see SketchyMedical as our competitor. We see SketchyMed as a friend (or at least a frenemy). We have a healthy competition, as each platform offers different benefits. It’s no wonder some PA students choose both tools!

More Resources Comparing SketchyMed and Picmonic

Flashcards & Review Tools for PA Students

Option: Anki

Did you know? Anki Flashcards offer direct integration with instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield facts, videos, and quizzes.

Option: Quizlet

Popular PA Student Question Banks (‘QBanks’)

Option: Rosh Review

Option: Smarty PANCE

Upgrade your Smarty PANCE membership for instant access to 1,600+ Picmonic videos and 16,000 multiple choice questions on the Smarty PANCE and Picmonic websites. You will be asked to create a Picmonic user ID and password the first time you watch a Picmonic video on Smarty PANCE. 

Resources to Prepare for the PANCE & PANRE at the Click of a Mouse

And, just because we like to be helpful, here are a few resources for studying in Physician Assistant school:

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