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After many years of development and testing, you can feel confident that Picmonic is proven to be effective at improving retention and test scores. In a randomized, double-blind, controlled study, the Picmonic Learning System was compared to text-based material (like textbooks and lecture notes) and found that students improved by 331% in long-term memory retention.

Adv. Med. Educ. Pract. 2014 May 8; 5: 125-32 doi: 10.2147/AMEP.S61875. eCollection 2014

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We built a better way for our over 1,010,000 students to prepare for tests. Picmonic is a picture-based, audiovisual and quiz learning tool that simplifies test prep.

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I Have Some Questions...

What is Picmonic for Medical Terminology?

Picmonic for Medical Terminology will help you learn complex med terms and build a foundation, making it easier than ever to learn and retain medical facts.

What do I get with Premium access?

Get unlimited access to hundreds of prefixes, roots, and suffixes that help you understand over 10,000 complex medical terms. Plus access to the mobile apps, fact quizzes, spaced repetition, and more.

Is Picmonic Free really free? What’s the catch?!

Yes, it is 100% free. No credit card required, no shenanigans, no payment necessary – ever. Really! Picmonic Free includes 1 Picmonic Video play, 20 Multiple Choice Quiz questions, and 1 round of our Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition every 24 hours.

Do you offer institutional licenses or discounts for large groups?

Yes! Picmonic has partnered with TDS Health for institutional subscription opportunities in the form of program or library purchases, student adoption coordination, or custom solutions based on your unique needs. Request more info HERE.

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What Students Say


Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their residency years. It’s a great investment throughout healthcare school.

Heather A.
Picmonic works. Plain and simple. You can curate to your specific curriculum. I am amazed at how well I remember things from a year ago thanks to Picmonics.
Heather A.Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson
Kevin M.
I love picmonic! Not only was it a huge help for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 study, but it continues to prove useful studying for residency boards. I can’t recommend this product enough!
Kevin M.
Jessica S.

I am shocked sometimes when I am working with a preceptor on the wards and I am able to answer a question correctly because I remember a detail from a Picmonic I watched during my first year! I love the way that Picmonic integrates visual and auditory learning, as well as kinesthetic interaction when answering questions. The videos are also short and interesting, so they keep my attention and I don't feel like I am spending too much time on any given topic!

Jessica S.Florence, Alabama - Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Katheryn L.

I’ve been with you guys for more than a year and I’m loving it! It’s a fun way to learn new things every day! Picmonic has changed the way I study, and I’m very grateful for all of you for making these awesome educational videos!

Katheryn L.
Alba S.

Picmonic has changed the way I study. Everyone can succeed in an exam if they study, but not that many people can remember the topic a year after.

Alba S.
Andee G.

My biggest regret about Picmonic is that I did not start using it sooner. I am so grateful for Picmonic!!!

Picmonic was a life changer! Made review easier and more fun to learn than PowerPoints or flashcards.

Andee G.Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
Calvin M.

Picmonic has been awesome! Transitioning to the first semester of medical school is always tough. The fire hydrant analogy is spot on. Picmonic helps turn that fire hydrant into a gallon of water a day. Difficult, but doable.

Calvin M.San Antonio, Texas - University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Mina A.
Before knowing Picmonic, I would always skip Microbiology section, not anymore, because I have confidence in memorizing the details.
Mina A.
Matthew M.
I tried reading all the books “Harrisons, Robins, Moore, etc.” I read for hours and forgot everything within three days. I got recommended Picmonic and my retention went through the roof. The daily review is awesome as you go through the semesters. I’m lost and have no hope of learning the info without Picmonic.
Matthew M.Oranjestad, - Xavier University School of Medicine
Rashidah B.
Picmonic has been a great help for my second-year medical school class. It has helped me a lot especially in memorizing drug names and actions. The quizzes and spaced repetition are the bonuses. Students like me who are visual learners should use this app, I guarantee you will see improvement in your grade!
Rashidah B.Jammu, - Government Medical College, Jammu
Jessica F.
Medical school is difficult because of the amount of information and the speed at which you have to learn it. Having resources like Picmonic makes it so much easier to tap into my own learning style to retain information more effectively.
Jessica F.Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson
Ryan G.
Picmonic has been a “God send” for me. I have always been a visual learner, which made remembering thousands of facts, tables, and unfamiliar terms a nightmare. Picmonic has made all of that so much more manageable and my goals that much more attainable.
Ryan G.Manila, - University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
I struggle with keeping concepts with multiple unique and overlapping facts separate from other similar concepts. e.g. microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Picmonic has helped me retain so much more information than my previous study methods due to the pictures, stories, and then information quizzes. I would recommend Picmonic to any student in the medical field. Its been awesome!
AdamDoña Ana County, New Mexico - Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University
Nate L.
Picmonic has a picture for most everything and follows the USMLE pretty faithfully. It's great when you're stuck on a concept that just isn't sticking.
Nate L.Independence, Ohio - Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

Honestly I don't know how I would learn Step 1 biochemistry without @Picmonic#MedTweet#Step1

Zac G.

Picmonic’s short videos are what set them apart from other medical school study-aid resources. When I need to cover a lot of ground, and gain those little extra bits of knowledge just before an exam, Picmonic is my go-to. On several occasions, it wasn’t the countless hours of review in front of a textbook, lecture slides, or whiteboard, that helped me recall an answer to a question, but a Picmonic that literally only took 2 minutes to review. Picmonic hones your medical education with the edge of recall.

Zac G.True Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Kate W.

I've been using Picmonic since my second year of med school & it's helped me through block exams, all three COMLEX's, and remembering facts about drugs, bugs, and diseases while on the wards. Even now that I'm done residency, I can picture quick review facts from Picmonics I saw years ago and I'm using Picmonic as a compliment to my pediatric board studying. I can't say enough how much it works & can help your studying & retention.

Kate W.Biddeford, Maine - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Randy T.

Picmonic is an excellent resource only if it is used in conjunction with other learning material. The interactive quizzes at the end of each video really helps to prime the knowledge that is there.

Randy T.Trinidad, - University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine St. Augustine
Doc W.

If you aren't adding your own facts to EVERY picmonic you study, you're doing it wrong!!! That empty space on each picmonic is there FOR A REASON! USE IT! Adding your own facts will help you be MUCH more engaged in learning and remember content better, especially from your own school curriculum! -WalkTheDoc

Doc W.Lewishburg, West Virginia - West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Evolutionary, our brains are not made to remember information the way a classroom expect us to do it. We are made to remember shapes (is it a lion?, a fruit?...) and stories. Picmonic helps me remember things in such a natural way that I don't even mind having an exam tomorrow.

DanielRamat Gan, - Bar-Ilan University
Ana-Sofica V.

As a visual learner with short attention span I often find it difficult to spend hours reading books and forgeting the information soon after. Picmonics offers interactive short videos with entertaining stories and memorable characters. I love it and I would recommend it.

Ana-Sofica V.Bangor,
John S.

Picmonic has been key to my study strategy throughout M1 and M2. It helped me secure at least three perfect exam scores, and I plan to use it extensively for board preparation.

John S.Little Rock, Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
Andrea A.

Picmonic has been instrumental throughout my med school journey. I may have not been the top of my class but these bizarre picmonics have helped me remember heart murmurs, brain vasculature and more. When I don't have it I feel lost lol. I always end up coming back and hope this will help me overcome the hurdle of STEP 2 CK! Thanks picmonic I <3 you!

Andrea A.True Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Lane W.

Since I started medical school I have struggled with retaining information in the long term. Since I started Picmonic, I am able to remember more information easier. My grades have gone up a letter grade in a single year.

Lane W.Jackson, Mississippi - University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Johanny L.

Picmonics has really helped me maximize my study time and allows me to be more efficient when reviewing questions

Johanny L.Scottsdale, Arizona - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science - Scottsdale
Praise M.

I'm still kind of new and haven't even started 3rd year yet. But I will say that using picmonics made my fear of these crazy things we hear about in 3rd year go away. I can confidently say I am ready for 3rd year or atleast I have the confidence now. Thanks picmonics for making the seemingly impossible possible.

Praise M.
Adam N.

I've gone all in on Picmonic to supplement my medical education and it's the best decision I've ever made! Its helped me stand out from my peers and I remember an impressive amount of detail. I plan on continuing its use well into my residency. Making custom picmonics is a great way for me to futher my education.

Adam N.Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
Maybree L.

Picmonic is an excellent resource to help you remember all of the difficult topics. As a medical student, it is important to find resources that allow you to learn in a way that helps you as an individual. I am a visual learner, and Picmonic makes it easy and fun to prepare for my board exam!

Maybree L.Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences College for Osteopathic Medicine
Sam S.

You guys are doing awesome in helping me with my STEP1 prep. I can tell that lots of time and hard work went into making it. You guys almost cover 100% of what I learn in medical school. I wish I had kept a list of suggested content updates this app has been great, and I use picmonic every day. I use this so much and plan to use it even more during dedicated. The phone app is definitly clutch!

Sam S. - West Virginia University School of Medicine
Simon J.

Using Picmonic has helped me differentiate between a lot of similar pathologies. The “play all” and “quiz all" features are a total game-changer.

Simon J.

Picmonic is simply...AWESOME!! It's a great learning tool and certainly makes studying easier. The daily quiz feature helps me recap and store the information in long term memory. This is a pearl everyone should have from the very first day of medical school. Yes, the very first day!

Roshea - University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences
Cassie S.

Picmonic helped me with renal, heme, neuro and so many other challenging topics. They really picked up the slack where other resources were lacking and helped me get through level 1!

Cassie S.
Tony H.

Have you ever seen a list of facts and you’ve got to memorize 20 of them for a test? You waste all that time memorizing those 20 facts, you get 100% on the test and then it’s gone for forever. You’re going to have to study the exact same way again, right? With Picmonic you can entertain your way into those 20 facts and you can always refer to a picture when you forget. I remember thinking “I watched a Picmonic on this”. I thought it was so silly at the time. But holy crap it got me to the right answer and that just kept happening, over and over.

Tony H.Little Rock, Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
Picmonic helps me to ACE my school exams and Uworld questions. Picmonic is a really life and time saver!
AbdelSharjah, - University of Sharjah College of Medicine and Surgery
Urveesh S.

Best resource for medical students, period.

Urveesh S.

Picmonic has been a huge part of my learning. I just took the first UWORLD simulation exam and I scored a 275 (99% percentile) and it’s definitely because of Picmonic.

I used sketchy before & don’t get me wrong, I liked sketchy for Micro & Pharm but I hated how it was pretty much almost impossible to review the videos before a test because you have to watch HOURS of videos to get through it I felt like the videos always had a bunch of extra $#!@ that was unneeded & distracted you from the actual facts. 

I’m not trying to bash Sketchy, but Sketchy is for average students who are looking for a passing grade only, while Picmonic is for the students who want to excel because they were the ones who knew that extra small detail that changed their score from a 239 to a 245 or a 249 to 255….because one extra correct question on the actual USMLE can mean a few extra points.

MartzioTrue Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Mallori M.
265 because of you!
Mallori M.Chapel Hill, North Carolina - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Rob C.

I tried to keep it simple and use picmonic for helping me with memorization. Mainly Drugs and Bugs. Even ripping through Uworld I still have the images you created burnt into my memory :) To put it simply, Picmonic Works! Most Importantly for retention, the quizzes at the end only take a 2 mins TOPS! But help really fortify longer term retention.

Rob C.Bridgetown, - Ross University School of Medicine
Paola S.

For me, PICMONIC has been a great resource for remembering the high yield facts that I study in my First Aid book, I strongly recommended it.

Paola S.

Picmonic is the only reason I'm passing and doing well in med school!!

Seth - Trinity School of Medicine
Shaheer B.

If you are a visual and auditory learner, what better way to seal in information than with a picture and story. I like the time duration and knowledge compression that Picmonic offers. Picmonic works brilliantly, and the website rocks.

Shaheer B. - Other Medicine
Miguel B.

Picmonic is a great tool to review high-yield concepts that are covered in many books! The platform is a quick and fun way to learn important topics. I truly recommend Picmonic. 

Miguel B. - International Medical University
Bhagat S.

I absolutely love Picmonic and I do not have enough words to thank you for increasing my memory tremendously. Million thanks.

Bhagat S.Encino, California - David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Julian C.

I love Picmonic because of the creative characters that are both concise and memorable!

Julian C. - San Beda College of Medicine
Pavlova P.

Picmonic is the best platform to learn medicine fast with creative mnemonics! As a rural doctor, Picmonic has helped me to keep up-to-date with all of the information that I learned years ago in medical school! 

Pavlova P. - Other Medicine
Nava R.
I love picmonic because the picmonics are so short, and it is a great way to drill down big ideas really quickly. I also like using the app when I am out and about so I can breeze through a bunch of review as well!
Nava R.California - Touro University, California: College of Osteopathic Medicine
Erika H.
I love Picmonic because in a short amount of time it provides the important high yield must know information in a easy way to remember. It's fun, quick and simple. It has made a huge difference with my dedicated CK Step 2. I love it!!!
Erika H.Orlando, Florida - George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Jessica S.

I was introduced to Picmonic through the AMA membership for medical students. I purchased the membership in first semester of medical school and used Picmonic for my first medical school course which covered genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and a little bit of metabolism. The lysosomal storage disease videos made learning and memorizing the information much easier and more enjoyable. I am a visual and auditory learner and the Picmonic cartoons and funny narratives really cement the information in my brain. I stopped using Picmonic during second semester and wish I had of continued to do so. The videos for Biochemistry and Biostat are amazing and would have saved me time. I definitely recommend using Picmonic during year one of medical school and beyond!

Jessica S.Chicago, Illinois - Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Dmitry N.

The Picmonic platform is unique because it gathers Anatomy, Embryology, Pharmacology and Pathology under one roof. It also provides a way to memorize important facts that are not included into a collection of existing Picmonics. Custom Picmonics and modification of existing ones are the most valuable tool I have ever seen. No other platform allows you to do that (besides your old notebook)…

Dmitry N.Little Rock, Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
Nadia R.

I would never be able to remember my pharmacology without Picmonic! It has made a huge difference in my grades and reduced the time I spend studying! ✊

Nadia R. - Other Medicine
Hassan C.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Picmonic is easily worth a USMLE point! I absolutely loved Picmonic during board prep. It not only let me memorize a ton of obscure (aka ANNOYING) material in much less time, but I was surprised to see the strengthened word association helped my overall understanding. Best of all is probably the long term retention that comes when an image is ingrained in your head along with the ability for rapid recall! 

Hassan C.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Medical University of Lublin, European Union
Mohamad N.

I watched my first Picmonic video on Hypothyroidism the first day I joined. I can remember the signs and symptoms after 2 weeks without review! Thank you Picmonic!

Mohamad N. - Other Medicine
Parth S.

When I came across Picmonic, I was able to be much more effective in my studies. Why is that? Not only did the pictures and the storyline stick longer in my brain, but I could also add notes, images, and videos into each Picmonic. Picmonic is like having a unified study source where I can get information more effectively in a shorter amount of time! 

Parth S.Buford, Georgia - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus
Katheryn L.

Have you ever wondered how to memorize every detail of a disease? PICMONIC is the best solution for that! I have learned a lot of facts about every disease I have searched for, and they have a huge list of diseases and microorganisms!

Katheryn L. - Other Medicine
Fallon G.

Picmonic is phenomenal, especially for someone like myself who understands the larger concept, but struggles with some of the smaller details. I really enjoy the daily quizzes to make sure things are cemented in my brain, and it's a quick and fantastic way to review. Picmonic is golden, and was absolutely instrumental in helping me in my first year of medical school!

Fallon G.New Jersey - American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Thankful every day that I purchased @Picmonic during 1st year - I get questions right on UWorld Step 2 b/c of a card I learned 2 yrs ago.


I am from a foreign country where USMLE is not well known among medical students, I was struggling with some lectures hard to memorize like Biochemistry until I discover Picmonic. I am having no trouble remembering any stuff which I've watched from Picmonic, I have no doubt that I will have a great Step score thanks to Picmonic

TalhaBursa, - Uludag University
Eric S.

I just wanted to compliment you all on creating such an amazing resource for visual learners in medical school! Out of everything I use to study, Picmonic helps me lock it in long-term. I have KILLED my block exams so far because of all of you! It truly is a magnificent product. It really just helps me keep little details straight—something that is important to accomplish before Step preparation. I’m not sure how popular Picmonic is, but I want to assure you that there are people like me who love it and use it regularly.

Eric S.Chicago, Illinois - University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
I was using Picmonic to prepare for my Pharmacology exam in med school, because remembering it all was a nightmare for me, for whom English is a second language. I scored 95%! I’ve been using Picmonic in all study fields since.
MartaGlasgow, - Glasgow University
Charles D.
Picmonic is the most powerful memory aid I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to forget stories like those of Taco-lioness and the Astronaut-police (for tacrolimus and azathioprine), both on test day and during clinicals. Plus Picmonic has an auto-generated spaced-repetition schedule that would have taken me hours of work every week to create myself.
Charles D.Kansas City, Kansas - University of Kansas School of Medicine
Jake C.
I massively underestimated how useful Picmonic would be! I signed up with to test it with the intention of cancelling within the first seven days! But it has changed my life at med school! Rather than spending hours doing boring flashcards I’ve used Picmonic and integrated it with my Anki to speed up my retention! What used to take a few days now takes under an hour in some cases!
Jake C.
Kelsey P.
Picmonic is awesome! I love the spaced repetition and I will tell any first or second year medical student that it is one of the best resources they can invest in to help solidify the material!
Kelsey P.Columbus, Ohio - Ohio State University College of Medicine
Charles B.

It's useful for reviewing topics prior to them being lectured on, but make sure that you study the details and concepts so that you can synthesize the facts you're memorizing

Charles B.Downers Grove, Illinois - Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Mike T.

I am so excited about Picmonic. It feels amazing to actually remember small details long-term.

Mike T.Athens, Ohio - Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Athens Campus
Archival H.

Picnomic helped me a lot especially in remembering hard to remember medical words, as well as, retain the most important facts in each subject that I'm studying.

Archival H.Manila, - University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Trient S.

Lets keep this simple, picmonic works. Give it a try, I have been happy with my purchase. MSII.

Trient S.Parker, Colorado - Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Arielle A.

Picmonic is the reason I've made it to fourth year, I trust you with my finals.

Arielle A.
Sohail G.

Its like being the man with super memory character in Sherlock, you remember everyrhing with ease everytime you want.

Sohail G.
Holden A.

Picmonic completely turned around my GPA this semester. My microbiology course had me completely overwhelmed with the amount of material I had to learn in a very short amount of time, and Picmonic was the variable that resulted in me going from a low C on my first exam to an A on my second exam. My classmates got sick of me bringing up Picmonic because I could not stop recommending it as a resource.

Holden A.Erie, Pennsylvania - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hi E.

I have around 4 years experience of using picmonics and I can still remember the first lesson I learned from it as if I just learned it today.Change yourself from know nothing to a serial bomber in medical information , I was shocked by the fact so will you . Thanks to Picmonics team for all the hard work you are doing for us medical students, you are changing the way of learning. A highly recommended platform to memorize complicated topics in a simple and fun manner. Keep up the good work guys always on your side. 

Hi E.
Athena P.

I have been using the app every day since signing up and it had been incredibly helpful in memorizing. I especially loved the morning reminders, it is becoming purest of my morning routine for review and watching at least one new picmonic.

Athena P. - Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
Elisabeth, DNP RN

I showed the students the Airborne/Droplet Precautions this week and they were able to identify the differences in isolation precautions for the first time. This was a perfect fit for this week’s topic as we focused on PPE and Covid-19. 

Elisabeth, DNP RNPorterville, California - Sierra View Medical Center
Geovanny G.

Just the best source to be prepared to pass the boards!

Geovanny G.
Fatimah T.

I wish I found this earlier. Picmonic has helped me remember facts that have been so hard to recall. I am just glad that I found picmonic, and wish I knew about this when I was preparing for step 1!

Fatimah T. - King Edward Medical University
Vaisakh K.

I finished my Pulmonary Pathology and I've used Picmonic to learn. I really thank you for the effort you've taken in creating Picmonic. I can recollect everything even after the class is over, this is amazing!

Vaisakh K.
Kerri W.
I've loved using Picmonic as a tool to study during didactic years and then transition into boards studying. Its been very easy to keep studying when I can use the same tool I've been using. My favorite thing about Picmonic is the built in daily quizzes. It makes it so easy to keep up knowledge long term when all you have to do is answer your questions every day without thinking about when you need to review what.
Kerri W.Chicago, Illinois - Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Athena Perusse
They say repetition is imperative for memory recall. What is excellent with Picmonics is the practice repetition, but levels up with fun pictures, pneumonics, quizzes, and stories all combined into one. The stories are educational and fun to bring home information retention. The pages also have outside source links for additional information if you need it. Another great option is the ability to create your own picmonic and study schedule for when your next exam is due.
Athena Perusse Las Vegas, Nevada - Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
Heather Bird

Picmonic is awesome because it gives me stories and photos to make information stick. If I want more than what is presented, the app is great to suggest other resources to learn from. Since the presented concepts are in short length videos, it makes it convenient to fit review into my daily clinical rotation schedule during quick breaks. I have been using Picmonic since my first year and it has remained relevant over all 4 years of school. Thank you Picmonic for all the memories!!!

Heather BirdYakima, Washington - Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Yakima
Brandia H
Picmonic was the most helpful resource I have found at the end of my first semester. I wished I had used it sooner! I find myself when I am reviewing my notes or even on exams for cell biology remembering the pictures of the recessive chocolates for certain diseases like Tay Sachs' and it helped me distinguish a lot of similar conditions! I've retained a lot more information than I previously would have. I absolutely would recommend Picmonic to any health professional student, especially in courses with dense material! Thank you for making studying fun!
Brandia HOhio - University of Medicine and Health Sciences
Matt K.

I have used Picmonic all throughout medical school and have consistently scored high on my USMLEs. If you study the Picmonics well the first time, those images will carry through for a long time (I still remember a vast majority of them even as a second year IM resident). It certainly is a great asset to invest in early. It also makes you look pretty intelligent on rounds if you recall details of some of the less common diseases.

Matt K.Washington - University of Minnesota Medical School
Josiah W.

My school front-loaded our first two weeks of the second year with Micro and Path. Picmonic wonders on my first exam; the images and facts popped into my head after reading the questions! I also feel more engaged with Picmonic than Anki. I will be using this all year long and in prep for Step 1 + COMLEX 1. 

Josiah W.Lebanon, Oregon - College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest, Lebanon
Melike Buyuk

I love Picmonic because it sure uses one of the most efficient ways when it comes to memorizing. The part where they tell stories really sum up the whole picture and ties it up around so we'll that it is so hard to forget. The fact that it has some specific characters is pretty cool too since it is much easier to group them this way. Additionally I would like to mention how sweet the members of the team are. Thank you all again!

Melike Buyuk - Other Medicine
Fatima Naqvi

I first started using Picmonic when studying for my step 1 exam. I had a very hard time with rote memorization, especially with all the bugs and drugs.

My scores were consistently below average on my NBME practice exam and in a desperate google search I came across Picmonic 30 days before my exam. Not only was it useful, it made studying so much fun!

My score on exam day jumped by over 30 points from my practice exam and I know that it was due to all the Picmonics I held in my head that day! I absolutely love this tool and continue using Picmonic today to study for my general pediatric boards, and I will likely continue throughout my fellowship!

Picmonic takes advantage of the fact that as humans, we evolved to have better visual and emotional memory than memory for random bits of information. If you're like me and have a hard time with rote memorization, do yourself a favor and subscribe! You won't regret it.

Fatima NaqviMadison, Wisconsin - Aureus University School of Medicine
Essa Y.

I started giving up on myself many years ago when it came to studying and understanding Medicine. Picmonic changed my life, my future, and my self-esteem! I am now the best doctor I can ever be, and I thank Picmonic for that. 

Essa Y. - Other Medicine
Abrielle Lipman
I love picmonic because it helps me store challenging facts in my long term memory. I have been in exams and I have just visualized the answer from the videos. This platform has helped me improve my grades tremendously. Best of all the picmonics are silly and enjoyable. Picmonic makes learning fun.
Abrielle Lipman - University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences
Cecily P.

I love Picmonic because it's visual and helps make otherwise seemingly random factoids memorable on boards AND onwards!

Cecily P.atlanta, Georgia - Emory University School of Medicine
Carlos Velez
Picmonic’s creator was the key to my success in medical school. While other classmates created traditional flashcards and struggled to remember them, I was creating visual mnemonic flashcards with Picmonic and remembering facts in a much easier and effective way. The process of creating Picmonics is so interactive and fun, that you barely have to review them again because they are edged into your long-term memory right away. By combining Picmonic’s vast library of content and the Picmonics I created, I was able to retain all the hard to remember facts I was struggling with and reach my goal of becoming a medical doctor.
Carlos Velez - Universidad Iberoamericana Escuela de Medecina
Danielle W.

This #medstudent is seriously loving the new @Picmonic creator! Takes less than 5 min to do a quick creation and the facts still stick!

Danielle W.
Laura Yuriko Gonzalez Teshima

I’m an M.D. from Colombia, and through college I was constantly creating and using mnemonics with my best friend, trying to find the best way to memorize all the facts we need to know in our daily practice. When we discovered Picmonic, I was ecstatic and thrilled to find a platform that was complete in sync with my study methods. It is the perfect platform to create your own Picmonics and share them with other students, creating a collaborative platform where we can all learn together. Becoming a Picmonic creator has enhanced my learning process and boosted my results by 100%!

Laura Yuriko Gonzalez Teshima - Universidad del Valle
Cassandra M.

Picmonic has made the daunting subject of medicine feasible. Their short videos are super entertaining and are made easy to remember. I constantly am telling myself, "I watched a Picmonic on this" and am able to recall the corky characters. I am so thankful that I finally decided to get a Picmonic subscription. Absolutely changed the way I study and the amount of time I study! Quality time studying> quantity of time studying. Picmonic gives you quality material that you'll remember.

Cassandra M. - Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara School of Medicine

As a medical student, I love Picmonic. This platform has helped me maximize my ability to remember key facts. The videos are short and on point!

Linaschiestl Mainz, United States - Other Medicine
Alex V.

With quirky images and catchy phrases, Picmonic knows what is going to stick in your head. This isn't going to give you all the answers but it will give you something to think about. I love Picmonic because it's very visual and just what I need to have excellent recall during my exams.

Alex V.Guadalajara, United States - Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara School of Medicine
Kenzie E.

Picmonic is a game-changer when it comes to memorizing difficult concepts or names of drugs, diseases, etc. If I ever am having trouble with the small details of a specific concept, I will simply search it in Picmonic and watch the 1-2 minute videos and it sticks almost instantly. I typically re-watch each video the night before the exam to make sure I have it down. It is amazing how much I retain this way. I can even remember specific details of videos that I watched at the beginning of last semester.

Kenzie E.
Hannah T.

Picmonic is really helpful- especially for Biochm!

Hannah T.True Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Joshua V.
Picmonic got me through med school and is still useful in residency. Absolutely one of the most important resources for this career.
Joshua V.Chicago, Illinois - Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Sketchy has too many details on each slide. Also, sketchy doesn’t have funny stories like Picmonic, so it doesn’t use as much of your memory to anchor the ideas. Now that Picmonic has the pages of Pathoma in the browse section, it is easy for me to correlate what I am learning in pathology with the memory anchors I need to keep it all straight. Finally, Sketchy doesn’t have a good spaced repetition quiz like Picmonic.
RobinTrue Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Sketchy is missing many things you need to know. I turn to Picmonic for learning Biochemistry, vitamins, embryology, musculoskeletal system. The quiz feature is an added bonus that helps me retain what I’ve learned.
JustinToledo, Ohio - University of Toledo College of Medicine

Picmonic is the GREATEST! I’ve been using Picmonic ever since my second week of medical school. Now as a fourth year, I continue to reap the benefits of this memory learning tool! The numerous facts that Picmonic has embedded into my memory make me into a better clinician. You should use it!

Muhammad  A.
I used your app for two days only and I'm already a fan of your app. This is way way better than sketchy. I know I'm switching my opinion very quickly but your strategy is far better than theirs. You initially make us learn the characters of the story along with a few things about the microbe. Then in story mode, we almost memorize everything related to the organism. Then during quiz, we repeat them. If anything gets wrong in quiz, the app makes sure to remind us that through daily quiz. Wow. Wow. Just wow. Keep the good work up.
Muhammad A.Lahore,
Claire D.
Picmonic daily quiz really helped solidify the quizzes and was easy to remember. Definite advantage over sketchy.
Claire D.New York City, New York - Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
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