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Join a community learning medical terminology with Picmonic’s engaging tools. Powerful mnemonics, interactive quizzes & more make mastering medical terms fun and effective. Start learning today!

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After many years of development and testing, you can feel confident that Picmonic is proven to be effective at improving retention and test scores. In a randomized, double-blind, controlled study, the Picmonic Learning System was compared to text-based material (like textbooks and lecture notes) and found that students improved by 331% in long-term memory retention.

Adv. Med. Educ. Pract. 2014 May 8; 5: 125-32 doi: 10.2147/AMEP.S61875. eCollection 2014

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We built a better way for our 1,830,000+ students to prepare for exams. Picmonic is a picture-based, audiovisual and quiz learning tool that simplifies test prep.

Picmonic for Medical Terminology Frequently Asked Questions

What is Picmonic for Medical Terminology?

Picmonic for Medical Terminology will help you learn complex med terms and build a foundation, making it easier than ever to learn and retain medical facts.

What do I get with Picmonic’s Premium access?

Get unlimited access to hundreds of prefixes, roots, and suffixes that help you understand over 10,000 complex medical terms. Plus access to the mobile apps, fact quizzes, spaced repetition, and more.

Is Picmonic Free really free? What’s the catch?!

Picmonic provides free access to our most popular Videos, Multiple Choice Quiz Questions, and Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition for 5 days. No credit card required! If you need access to our full library, we suggest you check out our paid subscriptions, which now have even lower prices.

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What Medical Terminology Students Say

Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their residency years. It’s a great investment throughout medical and nursing school.


Picmonic works. Plain and simple. You can curate to your specific curriculum. I am amazed at how well I remember things from a year ago thanks to Picmonics.


I love picmonic! Not only was it a huge help for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 study, but it continues to prove useful studying for residency boards. I can’t recommend this product enough!


I am shocked sometimes when I am working with a preceptor on the wards and I am able to answer a question correctly because I remember a detail from a Picmonic I watched during my first year! I love the way that Picmonic integrates visual and auditory learning, as well as kinesthetic interaction when answering questions. The videos are also short and interesting, so they keep my attention and I don’t feel like I am spending too much time on any given topic!


I’ve been with you guys for more than a year and I’m loving it! It’s a fun way to learn new things every day! Picmonic has changed the way I study, and I’m very grateful for all of you for making these awesome educational videos!