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Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson
profile Heather A.
Med Student
Picmonic works. Plain and simple. You can curate to your specific curriculum. I am amazed at how well I remember things from a year ago thanks to Picmonics.
United States
profile Kevin M.
Med Student
I love picmonic! Not only was it a huge help for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 study, but it continues to prove useful studying for residency boards. I can’t recommend this product enough!
G C Wallace State Community College - Hanceville
profile Sydney T.
RN Student

Picmonic has definitely upgraded my study sessions. After reading my book and going over notes Picmonic helps to bring it all together in ways I never thought!

Old Westbury, New York - New York Institute of Technology
profile Jonathan P.
PA Student

Picmonic is a lifesaver.  The pharmacology section saved me.

New York
profile Steven D.
RN Student

I love Picmonic! I also checked out something similar called SketchyNursing. Picmonic is the better choice for me because it's shorter and better illustrated. Sketchy is so long and drawn out that everything gets lost in details I don’t need. Picmonic’s iOS app makes it easy for daily review which is a must in nursing school! 

Florence, Alabama - Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
profile Jessica S.
Rising 4th year Medical Student

I am shocked sometimes when I am working with a preceptor on the wards and I am able to answer a question correctly because I remember a detail from a Picmonic I watched during my first year! I love the way that Picmonic integrates visual and auditory learning, as well as kinesthetic interaction when answering questions. The videos are also short and interesting, so they keep my attention and I don't feel like I am spending too much time on any given topic!

profile Katheryn L.
Med Student

I’ve been with you guys for more than a year and I’m loving it! It’s a fun way to learn new things every day! Picmonic has changed the way I study, and I’m very grateful for all of you for making these awesome educational videos!

United States
profile Robbin M.
NP Student

I can remember every corny commercial on T.V. but knew I was going to have a really tough time in my master's pharmacology class. Picmonic is just that; a corny commercial that I can remember, packed with key information.

I was skeptical of paying for a study site but, after the first week of using Picmonic in my NP program, I was telling everyone about how much I have learned and remembered!

Other Nursing
profile Rebecca R.
RN Student

I didn't discover Picmonic until late into my pharmacology course... but what I studied on Picmonic has been the content that stuck in my brain! It is totally worth every penny!

profile Alba S.
Med Student

Picmonic has changed the way I study. Everyone can succeed in an exam if they study, but not that many people can remember the topic a year after.

United States
profile Justin M.
RN Student

I got 103% in my Pharmacology class, and I used ONLY Picmonic to study and prepare!

Elgin Community College
profile Katherine V.
RN Student

I'm a visual learner, so Picmonic's colorful and unique images tell a story that help me recall information during exams.

Hardin-Simmons University
profile Lauren M.
PA Student

I love Picmonic. I have always been a visual learner and these cartoons help me so much. I easily bring the image to mind when being tested on material.

University of North Texas Health Science Center System College of Pharmacy
profile Shaiyad S.
Pharmacist Student

Using picmonic helps me remember a lot of the little details clearly. That is something that will always come in handy no matter what profession you are in.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
profile Andee G.
Med Grad

My biggest regret about Picmonic is that I did not start using it sooner. I am so grateful for Picmonic!!!

Picmonic was a life changer! Made review easier and more fun to learn than PowerPoints or flashcards.

profile Justin B.
NP Student

It helps me learn content faster especially when I don't have the energy to read dry text! It helps me read the dry text even easier at a later time.

Hamden, Connecticut - Quinnipiac University
profile Heidi W.
PA Student

Picmonic is BY FAR the most helpful resource I have used for learning pharmacology. Whenever I hear a drug name, I immediately imagine the Picmonic in my head!

United States
profile Tim F.
PT Student

Picmonic takes complex topics and turns them into memorable scenes that are fun and easy to watch.

It’s the perfect compliment to any NPTE study guide.

Hunter College
profile Melba M.
PT Student

As a visual learner, Picmonic not only caters to my preferred learning style, but also serves to create a medium through which I am able to integrate material on a much deeper level. I am so thankful that Picmonic exists!

New Jersey - Prism Career Institute
profile Kenya M.
LPN Student

I love Picmonic! It is such a great tool to understand the content of certain things especially pharmacology. When I found Picmonic on YouTube I was amazed at how it made me laugh and understand terms. I will continue to use Picmonic for the remainder of my future career! 

profile Jon B.
PT Student

I stumbled upon Picmonic while searching for a better way to study for my Physical Therapy exams. I am truly amazed at Picmonic's creativity. Through Picmonic I am able to remember and retain all of the information I need!

United States
profile Brooke W.
PT Student

As a first-year physical therapy student, the amount of content we are learning is very dense. Picmonic is a wonderful resource that makes studying fun! I’d recommend it to any student looking for an enjoyable, yet educational, break from the books!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
profile Allen T.
Pharmacist Student

My only regret is that I didn’t start using it earlier and more often. Would definitely recommend it!

Phoenix, Arizona
profile Michael R.
Paramedic Student

I love Picmonic because the videos are short, memorable, and to the point. The pictures and images are clever and make learning more enjoyable! 

profile John S.
Paramedic Student

Picmonic has allowed me to gain a better understanding of concepts. By using the videos and quizzes, I'm able to remember important Paramedic information more easily! 

Other Paramedic
profile Brooke

I am pre-studying right now to go back to school, and Picmonic is a great platform to refresh your mind on different topics! I love learning with Picmonic, and it is a fun way to remember those tricky subjects!

Other Paramedic
profile Ries
Paramedic Student

I love Picmonic because I have always liked cartoons, and I am a visual learner. This combined with Paramedical topics is a golden combination! Thank you Picmonic!

Sarasota, Florida - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy- Bradenton Campus
profile Carrie M.
Pharmacist Student

I wish I had learned about Picmonic during my first year of pharmacy school! Picmonic has helped me learn and remember details that I would never have remembered in the blur of medication facts. I am now studying for my board exams and using Picmonic as a way to refresh and review for the exam!

Lillington, North Carolina - Other Pharmacy
profile Tiffany S.
Pharmacy Instructor

Picmonic helps students learn in a fun exciting way by adding visual aids to enhance the learning experience. Thank you for this resource for myself and for my students!

Other Paramedic
profile Dan S.
Paramedic Student

I found Picmonic just after starting my 2nd semester, and I wish I had found it at the start of my 1st!! The way that extremely complicated content is delivered on Picmomic is amazing, and the post terrier character is my favourite! 

profile Matthew K.
Paramedic Student

Picmonic covers many topics with very short videos, which is so helpful because we learn so many things in a short amount of time during Paramedic school! On exams, I can't help but think of the awesome Picmonic mnemonic devices! 

New Orleans, Louisiana
profile Maggie K.
Pharmacist Student

I am able to study for fewer hours and get better grades. Perhaps most importantly, I feel my anxiety level about retaining information for test day has decreased substantially.

Butte, Montana
profile Tiffany W.
Paramedic Student

Using Picmonic is a great study aid because it enables me to learn the the most imporatnt facts of a large topic quickly!  I love the daily quiz because it always keeps me on track with my studies!

Mesa, Arizona - Arizona School of Health Sciences
profile Jennifer
Pharmacist Student

Picmonic gives you simple ways to remember medications, how they work, what they do, and their side effects. After a long day of class, I enjoy sitting down and watching Picmonic videos. It even quizzes your knowledge at the end of each video!

I'm so glad I subscribed!

profile Bill
Paramedic Student

I enjoy how Picmonic breaks everything down in a fun way!

Picmonic is helpful for anyone who learns visually! 

Iasi, United States - Facultatea de Medicina Generala Gr.T.Popa Iasi
profile Rares S.
Medical Student

I found the sketches and Picmonic videos incredibly creative and ingenious, which made the studying process kind of fun! Using Picmonic was like having a tutor whose majors were Medicine, Art, and Film, and who also had a great sense of humor. To be honest, I couldn't have asked for more.

Oregon - Central Oregon Community College
profile Jackie G.
LPN Student

I have a huge final coming up in anatomy and physiology, a 6 credit course which if you haven't been in a nursing program in 5 years they make you take certain classes over again. I needed something to help me remember all the activities of the body and the terms. This is it!

Moxee, Washington - Gonzaga University
profile Maria P.
Nurse Practitioner Student

I love Picmonic because of its ease of use and fun way to test what one has learned. I wish I had learned about it at the beginning of my training! 

NORTH LIBERTY, Indiana - Ivy Tech Community College - South Bend
profile Christie K.
Nursing student

I was really struggling to retain numerical lab values and understand certain concepts for my classes until I stumbled onto Picmonic. Not only has Picmonic helped me to better memorize those pesky numbers, I also understand exactly what those labs are looking for. I love being able to customize my learning for the areas of study I am learning and can't wait to continue on this nursing journey with Picmonic just a quick click away!

London, United States - Innsbruck Medical University
profile Hussain B.
Medical Student

I cannot emphasize how grateful I am to have stumbled across Picmonic. These guys have thought of all the details to make it a smooth and convenient experience. The resources cover everything you need to know and more, as opposed to other overpriced alternatives which have limited content. It's very affordable which is why I'm using it year-round during medical school. Keep up the great work guys!!! Love it! 

Nevada - Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
profile Kristen O.

Picmonic is hilarious and the images are more fun than SketchyMedical. Picmonic videos are shorter and the platform offers spaced repetition quizzes with the Picmonics included.

Baltimore, Maryland - Johns Hopkins University
profile Carolina E.
Nursing Student
This actually works. In the middle of an exam, I can remember all the stories and silly pictures. I have seen an increase in my overall score and know that it is because of Picmonic! I wish I started using this earlier, it would have saved me a lot of stress!
San Antonio, Texas - University of Texas - HS Center at San Antonio
profile Ariel Benites Campa
PA Student

Picmonic is hands down my favorite study tool for PA school! Not only has it helped me to retain a ton of information during my didactic year of school, but it has done so in a way that doesn't even feel like I'm studying. I love the fact that they have such a wide variety of topics that neatly align with the PANCE blueprint as well. Picmonic definitely helped me maintain a high GPA so far during PA school, and I'd recommend it to anyone else going into PA school or a similar health care career pathway!

Repton, Alabama - University Of South Alabama
profile Gigi L.
NP Student

Picmonic is phenomenal! It helps me tremendously with my memorization and understanding of common conditions and ailments. It provides a much needed break from reading with a fun interactive option to incorporate into my study regimen.

Houston, Texas - Other Medical Lab Technician
profile Amanda N.
MLS Student

I had the hardest time organizing all the microbiology organisms in my head, but visualizing the Picmonics in my head helps me easily remember multiple facts about tons of organisms. It prioritizes the important facts and doesn't feed you unnecessary information to clutter your head. I love Picmonic, it has made my studying more productive and fun!

Natchez, Mississippi - Alcorn State University
profile Tashunda B.
2nd year nursing student

My test scores improved drastically after using Picmonic! This is the only method that was enjoyable and made me want to keep studying. I recommend Picmonic to everyone I know in nursing school. I also purchased the 4 Week to NCLEX Workbook and Study Guide and I am comfortable going into the NCLEX because of it! Perfect layout. Highly recommend!!

United States - Denver School of Nursing
profile Katherine K.
Registered Nurse

I loved studying with Picmonic because it literally saved me in pharmacology class. I was getting C's on exams and in a matter of just two weeks, I was getting A's on exams. I could not believe how these animations helped me to remember what I needed to study. I recommend Picmonic to every nursing student I know. Picmonic supporter for life here!

San Antonio, Texas - University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
profile Calvin M.
Med Student

Picmonic has been awesome! Transitioning to the first semester of medical school is always tough. The fire hydrant analogy is spot on. Picmonic helps turn that fire hydrant into a gallon of water a day. Difficult, but doable.

Punta Gorda, Florida - Rasmussen College - Florida
profile Joshua C.
Nursing Student

Picmonic is hands down the best resource available for nursing school.

Casper, Wyoming - Casper College
profile Heather T
RN Student
…THANK YOU! Picmonic has been a huge help to me!
United States
profile Mina A.
Med Student
Before knowing Picmonic, I would always skip Microbiology section, not anymore, because I have confidence in memorizing the details.
Beaufort, South Carolina - Technical College of Low Country
profile Vanessa J.
RN Student
I am a visual learner. I used Picture mnemonics in my Allied Health class YEARS ago & still think of them this day. When I saw Picmonics; the art got me. I had my first exam & Picmonic helped me think through the answers. I know my friends are tired of me praising & tagging. But, as a skeptic, I HAVE to praise what works! Thank you Picmonic!
Denison, Texas - Grayson County College
profile Makeda
RN Student
Picmonic has helped me in a way that I didn’t think possible. The spaced repetition model you all have in the system is the best part. I have been able to retain the information better than any other method I have tried. This has been a game changer.
Oranjestad - Xavier University School of Medicine
profile Matthew M.
Med Student
I tried reading all the books “Harrisons, Robins, Moore, etc.” I read for hours and forgot everything within three days. I got recommended Picmonic and my retention went through the roof. The daily review is awesome as you go through the semesters. I’m lost and have no hope of learning the info without Picmonic.
Jammu - Government Medical College, Jammu
profile Rashidah B.
Med Student
Picmonic has been a great help for my second-year medical school class. It has helped me a lot especially in memorizing drug names and actions. The quizzes and spaced repetition are the bonuses. Students like me who are visual learners should use this app, I guarantee you will see improvement in your grade!
Arlington, Texas - The University of Texas At Arlington
profile Esmeralda
RN Student
Being in an online accelerated program requires much more reading in a shorter amount of time. With so much material per week to cover before exams, Picmonic helps consolidate the load by highlighting key facts that i can focus on. The speed in which material is covered is beneficial to my time restraint. I highly recommend it for the visual learner too.
Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson
profile Jessica F.
Med Student
Medical school is difficult because of the amount of information and the speed at which you have to learn it. Having resources like Picmonic makes it so much easier to tap into my own learning style to retain information more effectively.
Manila - University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
profile Ryan G.
Med Student
Picmonic has been a “God send” for me. I have always been a visual learner, which made remembering thousands of facts, tables, and unfamiliar terms a nightmare. Picmonic has made all of that so much more manageable and my goals that much more attainable.
Doña Ana County, New Mexico - Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University
profile Adam
Med Student
I struggle with keeping concepts with multiple unique and overlapping facts separate from other similar concepts. e.g. microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Picmonic has helped me retain so much more information than my previous study methods due to the pictures, stories, and then information quizzes. I would recommend Picmonic to any student in the medical field. Its been awesome!
New Port Richey, Florida - Pasco Hernando Community College
profile Laura L.
RN Student
Picmonic helped me to learn – and retain – complete cranial nerve information in under a day, and over a period of weeks I’ve finally got lab values for good. Before Picmonic I would study lab values but then forget them or get confused. No longer. Thanks, Picmonic!
Greeley, Colorado - University of Northern Colorado
profile Daniel H.
RN Student
This stuff is amazing! The content sticks so much better with Picmonics!
New Orleans, Louisiana - Charity Delgado College
profile Rosalind W.
RN Student
First let me begin by saying that I love love love Wyatt. First introduced to Picmonic via YouTube. I couldn’t get enough so I made the investment. I believe it will be an invaluable tool through out my nursing education and career. Next subscription will be a lifetime. I’d recommend this tool to anyone taking any science courses.
profile Mussarat A.
RN Student
Picmonic is excellent in clearing the basic concepts and understanding to build on further knowledge on dense (difficult) topics. It breaks down the main topic into sub-topics, for example Antidepressants has 10 subdivisions, like SSRI’s, TCA’s and MAO’s etc. SketchyNursing is very limited right now, but Picmonic has a lot of content covered.
Flint, Michigan - Baker College
profile Rebecca C.
RN Student
Honestly, I found this website after I was held back in my Med-Surg I class. I was so discouraged. After spending some time sulking, I decided to pick myself up and start finding resources that could help me out and I found Picmonic and I haven’t looked back since! Now I am in my last year of my BSN program, currently in Med-Surg III! Now I am an advocate for Picmonic and even speak to the younger cohorts at my college and talk to them about this valuable resource and I get to hear how much it helps them!
Arlington, Texas - The University of Texas At Arlington
profile Esmeralda S.
RN Student
Being an online student means so much more reading in less time. Using Picmonic is a great study aid because it enables me to learn the snippet of a large topic. It speeds up my learning, allowing me to quiz myself more regularly, which is why I need assistance too.
Buffalo, New York - SUNY - Buffalo
profile Lori G.
RN Student
I love Picmonic! It’s good for most subjects and AMAZING for Pharmacology – I retain everything. Picmonic is goofier which helps – I keep it open in class and re-listen to audios when driving with Play All. It’s helpful that the drug brand names are included, and that a little of the stories & scene are included in the educational audio! In comparison, SketchyNursing is more expensive, and the connections aren’t as strong. Their videos are 25 minutes long, taking too much time and work to find relevant content inside of a video.
Santa Monica, California - Santa Monica College
profile Chyanne D.
RN Student
This has made learning complicated subjects so much easier. It doesn’t just have you memorize it actually teaches the main points
Long Island, New York - Long Island University
profile Lissette
RN Student
I’m in my first semester of nursing school and I’ve been able to increase my scores on my pharmacology and pathophysiology tests from B- to B+/A-. I find the tutorials and quizzes easy to understand and useful as I can retain the content faster and longer due to the way the content is presented. I’ve found Picmonic invaluable to me and will continue to use it during each of my nursing school semesters.
Phoenix, Arizona - Chamberlain University
profile Angelys C.
RN Student
I was always a student who had trouble understanding hard concepts. Until I came across Picmonic it has helped me so much in school and now I am one of the top 3 students in my class. Thank you Picmonic!
Davenport, Florida - Rasmussen College - Florida
profile Kat
RN Student
I love Picmonic! If you want a fun, use a tool that’s easy to understand and have a memorable experience with learning.... Look no further than Picmonic!!!
Vincennes, Indiana - Vincennes University
profile Kelsey D.
RN Student
Picmonic is a great way to study and retain the information that you learn from your textbooks and lectures
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
profile Caitlin M.
RN Student
Picmonic has been a game changer!! I only wish I knew about it sooner!!
Harrogate, Tennessee
profile Mei G.
RN Nurse
I would never have passed my toughest semester of nursing school without picmonic
Independence, Ohio - Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
profile Nate L.
Med Student
Picmonic has a picture for most everything and follows the USMLE pretty faithfully. It's great when you're stuck on a concept that just isn't sticking.
Charlotte, North Carolina - Carolinas College of Health Sciences
profile Bryn W.
RN Student
I use Picmonic for all my nursing subjects and so far it has been a great help. I’m a visual learner so this fits me well. The mobile app allows me to study on the go and is very convenient!
Orlando, Florida - Valencia Community College
profile Michael B.
RN Student

Pure memorization can be hard, but Picmonic has helped me to ACE my pharmacology class in nursing school. 1000x thanks!

Indianapolis, Indiana - University of Saint Francis
profile Karry W.
RN Student

I love picmonic

United States
profile Chloe
RN Student

@Picmonic is probably the coolest and most helpful app ever.

United States
profile D McG
Med Student

Honestly I don't know how I would learn Step 1 biochemistry without @Picmonic#MedTweet#Step1

True Blue - St Georges University School of Medicine
profile Zac G.
Med Student

Picmonic’s short videos are what set them apart from other medical school study-aid resources. When I need to cover a lot of ground, and gain those little extra bits of knowledge just before an exam, Picmonic is my go-to. On several occasions, it wasn’t the countless hours of review in front of a textbook, lecture slides, or whiteboard, that helped me recall an answer to a question, but a Picmonic that literally only took 2 minutes to review. Picmonic hones your medical education with the edge of recall.

Biddeford, Maine - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
profile Kate W.
Med Student

I've been using Picmonic since my second year of med school & it's helped me through block exams, all three COMLEX's, and remembering facts about drugs, bugs, and diseases while on the wards. Even now that I'm done residency, I can picture quick review facts from Picmonics I saw years ago and I'm using Picmonic as a compliment to my pediatric board studying. I can't say enough how much it works & can help your studying & retention.

Trinidad - University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine St. Augustine
profile Randy T.
Med Student

Picmonic is an excellent resource only if it is used in conjunction with other learning material. The interactive quizzes at the end of each video really helps to prime the knowledge that is there.

Lewishburg, West Virginia - West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
profile Doc W.
Med Student

If you aren't adding your own facts to EVERY picmonic you study, you're doing it wrong!!! That empty space on each picmonic is there FOR A REASON! USE IT! Adding your own facts will help you be MUCH more engaged in learning and remember content better, especially from your own school curriculum! -WalkTheDoc

Chula Vista, California - Southwestern College
profile Nicole R.
RN Student

I honestly would forget everything I just read in my textbook. Until I started using Picmonic, I was able to visualize the characters and then remember the important facts for my exams!

Georgetown, Delaware - Delaware Technical and Community College - Owens Campus
profile Amber C.
RN Student

Ok, so I heard about Picmonic through another nursing student on Youtube, so I decided to give it a try. I started using Picmonic for the first time this semester taking A&P. Picmonic has helped me so far with learning and understanding the bones in the face and the bones in the pelvis. I have a test coming up and I have been using Picmonic to refresh up on my Anatomy. .

Elyria, Ohio - Lorain County Community College
profile Brittany K.
RN Student

I love this system! It's genius! I've struggled with basic concepts for a while now but because of Picmonic, I went from not passing my class to having a B!

Ramat Gan - Bar-Ilan University
profile Daniel
Med Student

Evolutionary, our brains are not made to remember information the way a classroom expect us to do it. We are made to remember shapes (is it a lion?, a fruit?...) and stories. Picmonic helps me remember things in such a natural way that I don't even mind having an exam tomorrow.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts - Fitchburg State University
profile Naira J.
RN Student

I didn't pass Patho 1 the first time simply because there was so many different medications to remember and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I was going to do that. I signed up for picmonic and I was able to pass the class because the illustrations and information was so clear and easy for me to understand and remember. It honestly was the best thing I ever did for myself!

Colorado Springs, Colorado - University of Colorado - Colorado Springs Beth-El College of Nursing
profile Melissa J.
RN Student

totally helped with pharmacology!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City Science
profile Katlyn D.
RN Student

Fluid and Electrolyte balancing has made so much more sense after watching the picmonics.

Fulton, Mississippi - Itawamba Community College
profile Callie C.
RN Student

I've been to nursing school before but failed out... I decided it would be a good time to go back. Well after starting back I was doing okay in school but needed a little help. I had a classmate suggest I use picmonics. After the first encounter with picmonics I have been hooked! I love this... I am a kinistectic and audible learner and this is a God sent! I will suggest this to anyone that needs visual and hearing to help you learn!

Perrysburg, Ohio - Owens State Community College
profile Mason H.
RN Student

This is such a big help for nursing school. I would never pass pharm without this.

Chicago, Illinois - Loyola University - Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing
profile Sarah
RN Student

The best study tool around!

La Ronge
profile Mia J.
RN Student

Picmonic provides nursing students with so many resources to build a strong foundation of understanding. From simple to complex subjects, picmonic makes everything so easy to understand and more importantly apply to our practice. I am so grateful for picmonic. It is a great program and it works! Thanks picmonic for helping me pass my NCLEX-RN at 75 questions!!

profile Ana-Sofica V.
Med Student

As a visual learner with short attention span I often find it difficult to spend hours reading books and forgeting the information soon after. Picmonics offers interactive short videos with entertaining stories and memorable characters. I love it and I would recommend it.

United States
profile Yamilka
RN Student

I purchased Picmonic after a friend referred me and completing the trial. After using Picmonic for a few weeks before a test, my test score in proved drastically and saved me from failing the class. Picmonic is great for us visual/simple learners.

Pensacola, Florida - Pensacola Christian College
profile Charissa T.
RN Student

My pharmacology midterm was upon me, and I still knew nothing. I tried the flashcards, the Quizlets, and while they helped, nothing really stuck. I looked up "how to study Pharm" and stumbled upon a YouTube video about Beta Blockers from Picmonic. I watched it and was amazed to find that I could reca everything he said! I went to the website and started watching other videos and I loved it. I am the most frugal person ever, but knew that if I wanted to succeed, I would have to get this website. I am now doing great in all of my courses and I have Picmonic to thank.

Little Rock, Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
profile John S.
Med Student

Picmonic has been key to my study strategy throughout M1 and M2. It helped me secure at least three perfect exam scores, and I plan to use it extensively for board preparation.

Indianapolis, Indiana - Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
profile Theresa S.
RN Student

I was struggling to remember the numerous drugs in my Pathophysiology Pharmacology of Nursing class. When I started studying with Picmonic, my next test went exceedingly well. I print the final page and add notes specific to my professor's lecture.

profile Matthaios
RN Student

Picmonic helps to acquire new knowledge as well as solidify what you already know.