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The Top Resources for Nursing Students

Nursing school isn’t easy, but we’ve got three amazing resources to make life a little better! 3 Resources Every Nursing Student Needs

Smartphone Study Guides FTW

Get ready to ace your exams in nursing school and pass the NCLEX® the first time by checking in daily with apps like Netter Anatomy and Picmonic which is now available on mobile! Plus, take advantage of Picmonic’s free Question of the Day page, an excellent nursing NCLEX® study tool where you can answer an NCLEX®-style question daily to help you prepare for that dreaded timed test you’ll face at the end of nursing school.

The questions cover all the nursing subjects you need to know, and you can also find some of those pesky Select All That Apply questions that every nursing student hates. If you want a good resource for reviewing the important content that will help you perform better on these Select All That Apply questions or you just want an awesome way to learn materials in a way that’s truly unforgettable, sign up for Picmonic! More than just visual flashcards, Picmonic will help you learn or review over 900 key nursing topics and 8000+ facts in a fun, memorable way! Sign up for free Picmonic account so you can test out all our illustrated nursing study aids, covering every subject a nursing students must know — Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Med-Surg, Anatomy, Physiology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Psychiatric, and more!.

Webinar Series

Wondering how to remember everything you need to know for Pharmacology? Or maybe the cardiovascular system? We’ve got the tips and tricks you need! Kendall Wyatt, MD, RN and Marlee Liberman, RN host webinars about a huge variety of nursing topics. Think of webinars as powerful NCLEX® study aids for nursing students. They’re an excellent way to absorb a ton of important information quickly. Nurse Wyatt and Nurse Liberman have successfully made their way through nursing school, clinicals, and the NCLEX® and now they’re ready to pass their knowledge onto you!

After poking around in all of the visual mnemonics in Picmonic’s Nursing Pathways, nursing students can check out our recorded webinars here– just scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the options! (Psst! Be sure to also get a look at our super useful illustrated mnemonics. We have them in every nursing topic you can think of. Yes, we even have Endocrine Pathway visual mnemonics!)  

Picmonic for Nursing

Picmonic for Nursing takes all of the many, many (many, many) things you have to know for nursing school and turns them into fun stories and characters that help you learn and remember the important stuff for nursing school. A Picmonic is more than just a visual flashcard for nurses. And spoiler alert: it’s all important stuff. Choosing a Picmonic Pathway daily will help you better understand the topics you study in class. Plus, each “Picmonic” also features a multiple-choice quiz for you so you can test your knowledge and make sure you’re on the right track.

With Picmonic, not only will you boost retention and makes studying fun, but with our “spaced repetition” approach that intelligently adjusts to fit your learning needs, you’ll remember everything you need to know for the HSI and the NCLEX® come test day. Sign into your Picmonic account to access your “personal study plan,” or what we call Picmonic Pathways, that make studying faster and easier than just reading your textbook, and, bonus, it’s way more fun! Whether you are studying Med-Surg, Acid-Base Imbalances or Microbiology, our visual mnemonics actually help you retain way more information! Retain information 331% longer. That’s pretty much the ultimate nursing NCLEX® study aid.

Nursing school is tough, but you can make it easier with these awesome resources! Sign up for Picmonic Free to get a daily quiz, personal study playlist, and awesome webinars that will put you at the top of your class! If you have any questions, contact us anytime at feedback@picmonic.com! We’d love to hear from you :)  

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