Top Study Resources for Nursing Students

The Best Nursing Student Resources for Nursing School

So, you’re starting nursing school….good luck! 

Just kidding. Even though nursing school is challenging, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t up to the task. Thankfully, there are nursing student resources out there that will support you through thick and thin. Find the resources you need to use to succeed in nursing school below. 

1. Mobile apps for nursing

picmonic mobile app

Thank goodness that technology is everywhere! In nursing school, you’re always on the go. When balancing class, clinical shifts, and life, a mobile nursing app makes studying as convenient as it can get. There are tons of nursing apps for medical terminology, medication administration, NCLEX questions, and more. However, for an all-in-one study tool, download Picmonic’s app. It’s perfect for on-the-go studying and quizzing, allowing nursing students to learn nursing facts and information conveniently and quickly.

2. Nursing webinars

Nursing webinars are a great study resource for nursing students. If you have schedule conflicts with a live webinar, then sit down and press play. You can find most nursing webinars archived online on the host’s website or on Youtube. Webinars are especially helpful if you’re a visual or auditory learner, and they’re a great way to hear from experts in the field. Picmonic has plenty of pre-recorded nursing webinars to choose from so pick the topic of your choice and start watching.

3. Picmonic for Nursing

Look no further for the best study tools for nursing students. Picmonic helps nursing students get their life back, save precious time when studying, and boost their test scores with Picmonic for Nursing. Covering over 1,200 nursing topics in short 2-3 minute videos, Picmonic will help you practice for exams and master your nursing facts. Offering daily quizzes, multiple choice quizzes, picture mnemonics, webinars, study guides, personalized study tips and recommendations, and more, this study tool is a must-have for nursing students.

4. Daily quizzes and practice questions

Picmonic Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition

Many nursing students use daily quizzes and practice questions in their study routines. Whether you use it at the start of your study session or to test your skills weekly, it’s definitely a resource you should utilize early on. It can be difficult to calculate the optimal time to take a practice quiz, but you can trust Picmonic’s smart software algorithm to do that for you. Picmonic’s built-in spaced repetition quiz automatically adjusts your daily study queue to maximize retention. It helps you review important nursing facts just before your memory-forgetting curve sets in by using increasing intervals of time between your review of previously learned material. The algorithm essentially helps you memorize and retain information long-term—we’re talking years here. Test your knowledge daily with Picmonic’s NCLEX question of the day or unlimited multiple-choice quizzes.

5. Nursing blogs

Every nursing student needs free nursing study resources. Nursing blogs are great reads to find the best study tips, resources, and information. From how to prep for your first semester of nursing school to NCLEX exam day tips and NCLEX scoring guides, you can find a blog for all the info you need throughout nursing school.

6. Chrome extensions

Download Chrome extensions for productivity, citing sources, grammar checks, and study material for nursing students. An especially helpful extension is Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic Chrome Extension. When you download the extension, you can hover over underlined terms in your browser to see the Picmonic pop-up window with a high-yield fact list, thumbnail image, and related topics. The thumbnail has a corresponding Picmonic video, quiz, and resources when clicked!

7. Custom nursing mnemonics 


Mnemonics are helpful study aids for nursing students. Mnemonics capitalize on memory science using techniques and strategies like audio, visuals, chunking, humor, and acronyms to improve memory storage and retrieval. If you’re into hands-on learning and creating your own flashcards, this one’s for you. Customize your own mnemonics by anchoring facts, characters, and notes to any Picmonic or create your own from scratch! It will help you memorize the most important nursing facts for exams and your future career.

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Marlee Liberman

Marlee Liberman, RN, Master Nursing Scholar

As a registered nurse, Marlee understands the struggles that nursing school throws at you – not to mention the overwhelming pressure preparing for the NCLEX®! Marlee brings a unique skill set and perspective to Picmonic with her previous degree in broadcast journalism, her creativity in video production, and her wandering nomad lifestyle. Her blend of talents provides her with the knack for simplifying complicated concepts and demystifying the world of nursing.

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