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Picmonic for Physician Assistants is a visual learning system proven to improve memory recall, boost test scores and help students like you keep up with the crazy pace of PA school by turning dense medical facts into unforgettable images.

With Picmonic, you’ll learn faster, do better in school, and pass the PANCE® or PANRE® - guaranteed.

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After many years of development and testing, you can feel confident that Picmonic is proven to be effective at improving retention and test scores. In a randomized, double-blind, controlled study, the Picmonic Learning System was compared to text-based material (like textbooks and lecture notes) and found that students improved by 331% in long-term memory retention.

Adv. Med. Educ. Pract. 2014 May 8; 5: 125-32 doi: 10.2147/AMEP.S61875. eCollection 2014

By Students for Students

We built a better way for our over 1,020,000 students to prepare for tests. Picmonic is a picture-based, audiovisual and quiz learning tool that simplifies test prep.

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I Have Some Questions...

How do I know Picmonic will work?

Picmonic is research-backed and proven to improve long-term memory retention by up to 331% and help you score 50% higher on tests. If you want to check out our IRB-approved study click here.

What do I get with a subscription?

You get access to all 1,700+ Picmonics for Physician Assistant and 19,000+ fact quizzes, plus access to our mobile apps, infographics, spaced repetition, and more.

Does Picmonic guarantee I’ll pass the PANCE® or PANRE®?

I’m glad you asked because we do! We’re so confident that Picmonic will help you pass, we’re willing to give you your money back if you don’t. Click here to learn more

Is Picmonic only for exam prep?

No way! It’s never too early or too late to master the bugs, drugs, and diseases that are going to help make you a better PA. Picmonic for PA covers information that is always relevant. So whether you’re studying for the PANCE®, exams, or just brushing up on some fundamentals, we’re here to help!

How can I score a discount on Picmonic with a group buy?

Easy! To launch a group buy, just click on the group buy section below the pricing options. You’ll then be able to launch a group buy and join as its first member.

Just for launching or joining a group buy:

  • You save 20% up front
  • You get a 20% refund if your group gets 5 members
As a member of a group buy, you’ll get easy sharing tools so you can invite friends to join your group and get in on the deal.

All group buys have a set expiration date that will be clearly displayed upon or joining or launching.

This group buy is such an amazing deal that it may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Do you offer institutional licenses or discounts for large groups?

Yes! Picmonic has partnered with TDS Health for institutional subscription opportunities in the form of program or library purchases, student adoption coordination, or custom solutions based on your unique needs. Request more info HERE.

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What Students Say


Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their residency years. It’s a great investment throughout PA school.

Jonathan P.

Picmonic is a lifesaver.  The pharmacology section saved me.

Jonathan P.Old Westbury, New York - New York Institute of Technology
Lauren M.

I love Picmonic. I have always been a visual learner and these cartoons help me so much. I easily bring the image to mind when being tested on material.

Lauren M. - Hardin-Simmons University
Heidi W.

Picmonic is BY FAR the most helpful resource I have used for learning pharmacology. Whenever I hear a drug name, I immediately imagine the Picmonic in my head!

Heidi W.Hamden, Connecticut - Quinnipiac University
Joseph H.

My only regret with Picmonic was not finding out about it at the beginning of PA school! As soon as I got it, I immediately improved in studying more efficiently!

I am a big believer in audiovisual learning, creating stories and memory palaces, and spaced repetition – Picmonic has done most of the leg work in putting all these together!

I love that it is created by PAs based on the Pance Prep Pearls. And if you need to remember something from a class lecture that is not in that particular Picmonic, you can custom add notes, pictures, and questions!

Picmonic has made pharmacology so much easier! When I was preparing to represent my school in our annual challenge bowl, I used Picmonic to study because of all the buzzwords incorporated into it.

(By the way, we dominated our competition – thanks Picmonic!)

Joseph H.Atlanta, Georgia - Mercer University
Latrenda G.

Picmonic has help me to understand complex subject matter that we are required to learn in a short amount of time. Because of this platform, I went from being a C student to an A student.

Latrenda G.California - Touro University - California
Yousenel C.

I love Picmonic because when I am struggling to understand a medical concept, I can always count on Picmonic to give me the straight forward, easy to understand versions! It is a great resource to quickly grasp some key differences of certain medical conditions.

Yousenel C.Boston, Massachusetts - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Breanne W.

Picmonic is an amazing studying source. It utilizes multiple studying tools such as visual learning, auditory learning, and memory. It is a creative way to remember the pathophysiology and key facts about each topic. I would highly recommend Picmonic to any classmate or student.

Breanne W.Charleston, West Virginia - University of Charleston
Alex B.

Picmonic has saved me in Pharmacology and my Clinical Medicine course. Picmonic made it to where I can keep concepts and medications straight in my head by referring back to the pictures and stories in the videos. This is one resource I have used more than any textbook or flashcard. Seriously a lifesaver!

Alex B.Elizabethton, Tennessee - Milligan College
Andrew W.

Picmonic has made my studying so much easier. I am a visual learner, and now that I can picture a crazy funny image in my head to recall major facts, it jogs my memory perfectly. With the high yield information I'm remembering from Picmonics, I'm able to retain just about everything I need to for my exams. I feel so much smarter in my study groups now.

Andrew W.Aurora, Colorado - University of Colorado
Nakayla C.

I loveeeeee Picmonic! Just finished my 4th quarter of Physician Assistant school and am so thankful for all of the crazy stories and images to help me get through the didactic phase!!! PA school would be impossible without the Picmonic study tool/app! 

Nakayla C.Joliet, Illinois - University of St. Francis
Kyle R.

Picmonic has been instrumental in my preparation for passing the PANCE and I recommend it to all Physician Assistant students!

Kyle R.Seattle, Washington - University of Washington
Sienna H.

Have you ever lost track of time while you were studying because you were enjoying it so much and really felt like you were retaining all of the information? No? Maybe It's because you've never tried Picmonic! I spend hours studying the content on Picmonic’s visual learning system and I have so much fun doing it! 

Sienna H.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Slippery Rock University
Adam M.

I can't tell you how many times Picmonic has saved me on a test. I thought to myself before I purchased the premium version "if it even helps me get 3-4 more questions right on a test it will be worth it". Picmonic has exceeded that! The videos are short and simple (which helps for that 15-minute pre-test cram) but the information is conveyed in such a lasting way.

Adam M.Clinton, Mississippi - Other Medicine
Jeffery L.

I love Picmonic. I admit the silly pictures made me skeptical at first, but if you truly commit, Picmonic will help you shine by crushing tests and impressing the attending on your clinical rotations! Commit!!

Jeffery L. - University of Nebraska
Mitchell L.

Picmonic was the only resource that truly helped me memorize AND retain pharmacology.

Mitchell L.Allendale Charter Township, Michigan - Grand Valley State University
Alison B.

Great resource for memorization and recall! I've found it particularly useful for pharmacology.

Alison B.Chapel Hill, North Carolina - University of North Carolina
Liv B.

I have used Picmonic successfully for my first PA exam- I never thought it would come in handy in the middle of a practical exam but I suddenly found answers singing their way through my consciousness! I scored 10 points higher than I anticipated.

Liv B.Saint Paul, Minnesota - Saint Catherine University
Leanne E.

Picmonic is what got me through didactic. I highly recommend!

Leanne E. - University of North Texas HS Center Ft Worth
Dylan M.

Picmonic is fantastic! I always thought I was not a visual learner, but after using Picmonic it changed everything for me... I am definitely a visual learner and Picmonic is one of the best ways to study in my opinion!

Dylan M. - Saint Louis University
Jasmine K.

Spending all day watching virtual lectures has been an all too familiar and dreaded activity due to COVID. The thought of spending my time outside of class watching MORE lecture style videos was enough to make me want to scream. Luckily, I found Picmonic. With short cartoon-style videos jam-packed with up-to-date information and effective memory cues, Picmonic not only saved me from "death by lectures", but it also made learning actually fun again.

Jasmine K.North Chicago, Illinois - Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine
Hannah N.

Physician Assistant school can be overwhelming. You are learning the disorders of entire specialties like hematology or dermatology in as little as 2.5 weeks. There is no time for making flashcards. Picmonic makes it easy to categorize and better yet, easier to remember the important info and distinguish between similar disorders. I've even learned info on Picmonic that wasn't covered in my lectures, but was still on the test!

Hannah N.New York - Marist College
Carly J.

Physician Assistant school is hard as is, but Picmonic has helped me to tie up some loose ends and do very well on End of Rotation exams! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Carly J. - Marist College
Caitlin S.

Picmonic's mnemonic study app helped me to keep up with the speed of content delivery in Physician Assistant school. It's easy to take a few minutes over lunch or in breaks between classes to go through a quick Picmonic on some of the more challenging concepts.

Caitlin S.Saint Paul, Minnesota - Saint Catherine University

I seriously can’t thank your team enough for the incredible work you have put into building this resource.

I’m glad to say it’s been critical in helping me not only get straight A’s in the first 3 semesters of PA school, but to do so efficiently and save so much time! Not to mention I can easily recall things from previous classes 6 months ago. Thanks again!!

JoeAtlanta, Georgia - Mercer University
Sherin J.
Picmonic literally saved me during my first round of PA school midterms and I can’t wait to keep using it for the next couple years!
Sherin J.New Haven, Connecticut - Yale School of Medicine
Laurel B.

Picmonic did not seem like something that would help me when I first saw a classmate using it but it has been amazing! I memorize things much better and am able to better recall them for my microbiology and physiology tests! This is a method of learning that I wish I had known about years ago! Picmonic gets an A+++

Laurel B. - Other Physician Assistant
Lauren M.

I really enjoy using Picmonic and it is helping me with content!

Lauren M. - Hardin-Simmons University
Danielle S.

I am very much a visual learner so this site was HUGE in my didactic success at school. I started using the videos over a year ago and to this day still recall all the characters for the different anemias and leukemias. I have strongly recommended the site to our new students as well and will continue to do so!

Danielle S. - South University - Richmond
Alex S.

Picmonic really helped me during didactic year ofPhysician Assistant school. There is so much to learn and not enough time.

The videos and stories helped me to remember medications, diseases and treatments by engaging a different part of my brain.

Alex S.Seattle, Washington - MEDEX Northwest
Mitchell F.
I was not a believer. I grew up studying in a different manner. But after a week and my first exam, everytime I read the question a picmonic would instantly appear. Great way to recall information and utilize it for answering a question
Mitchell F.Albany, New York - Albany Medical College
Jan G.

Picmonic is fantastic! The reviews are fun and entertaining! This makes you want to review the information more frequently and you can retain the information more easily. The 'hints' are always great and this allows you to feel better when you don't recall all of the information!

Jan G. - Charles R. Drew University

I was a bit hesitant to get supplemental learning service just because there is already so little time to study in grad school, to then split your time reviewing lectures and another service is a lot of time. But I love the fact that the Picmonic videos are under 3 minutes and they have little quizzes after to solidify the information you just learned in the video. Super great if you want to go for a walk and watch a few videos as a break and do a couple of quizzes. I also have Osmosis and I LOVE that the two sites work together to provide you with the correlating video on each other's sites, super convenient and easy. All in all, I love Picmonic, it has been a great tool in my studies!

GabrielaWestminster, Colorado - Red Rocks Community College
Bei L.

Fun way to learn!

Bei L.Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Keiser University

Picmonic has helped make Physician Assistant school understandable and it has helped the information be more digestible. My average grade has gone up 7%, and I regularly use information gathered on this app to help others learn, and even to correct outdated information in powerpoints. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is an audio-visual learner, or for anyone who is an active person who likes to study on the go.

Anonymous - Christian Brothers University
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