Why Do Med Students Use Picmonic with First Aid?

Why Do Med Students Use Picmonic with First Aid?

picmonic with first aidPicmonic’s First Aid Playlist helps students get the most out of the First Aid book, and students often share comments with us explaining how they do it. So we wanted to share their advice for using Picmonic with First Aid.

The following is a compilation of tips that students provided on surveys over the last 12 months.

3 Reasons Why Students use Picmonic with First Aid

Reason #1 Easy way to review topics while studying with First Aid.

“It’s easy: I use Picmonic and follow along with each year of First Aid. If I struggle with a subject, I’ll look up the corresponding Picmonic video, watch it then take the quiz.”

Students use Picmonic and First Aid side by side, using the Picmonic’s First Aid Playlist as they review with First Aid page-by-page, topic-by-topic. Sometimes they follow along in First Aid as they review topics in Picmonic by using the Picmonic page system guide for First Aid.

“I review the Picmonics that correspond to the page/section of First Aid that I am reviewing.”
“Picmonic’s Browse>books>First Aid playlist shows which Picmonics go with each page of First Aid.”
“As I work through the Picmonic First Aid Playlist, I pace myself by doing a set no. of pgs. to complete in specific time-frames.”

Bottom line: Picmonic provides Pathways – dynamic guides that follow First Aid (and other books) page by page, telling you exactly which “Picmonics” to study along the way.

Reason #2 Picmonic ensures that topics are learned long-term.

“Make sure you know all the bolded facts in First Aid. Be sure that every emphasized fact in First Aid is included in the Picmonic you are using for that subject.” As they review with First Aid, students use Picmonic to commit each topic to long-term memory as they study.

“Watch the Picmonic videos for the topics as you go through FA!”
“Review Picmonics as you read First Aid and add facts to Picmonics as you go.”
“Good for diseases and pharm.”

Bottom line: As you review Picmonics and First Aid, memorize key facts and details of difficult-to-remember concepts, by using Picmonic’s picture mnemonics and intelligent retention-building quizzes.

Reason #3 “Test yourself on Picmonic after learning a topic in First Aid.”

Memory science tells us that low-stakes testing is a great tactic for improving memory retention. Students use Picmonic to test themselves on First Aid topics and subjects.

“If I don’t understand a concept well, I look at the relevant Picmonic or I can read a First Aid page and then find the corresponding Picmonic and quiz myself.”
“I use Picmonic for factual recall.”

Bottom line: Quiz yourself by book chapter to maximize retention of everything you are studying.

Picmonic offers the greatest coverage of First Aid topics of any visual learning resource for medical students. Which explains why medical students have been using Picmonic to get the most out of First Aid for over 5 years.

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