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Dos and Don’ts When Studying and Preparing for the PANCE in 2019

There is one – just one – thing to do to ensure you do well on the PANCE. You read that right. Just one.Have a… (Read More)

Awesome PA School Tech Tools to Get You Through PA School

Good news! You were accepted into a PA program! Bad news! It’s a lot of hard work. But hey, with some studying and some helpful… (Read More)

5 Helpful Tips for PA School [Updated for 2019]

5 Things Awesome PAs DoBeing a PA is a tough gig, but somebody’s gotta do it. When you first start training, you might worry that… (Read More)

12 Weeks to PANCE Workbook & Study Planner Digital Download

Your free 12 Weeks to PANCE Workbook & Study Planner Digital Download (a $69 value)!In this workbook you’ll find: • A study plan broken down week-by-week… (Read More)

Pass the PANCE Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll pass the PANCE® if you use Picmonic – we guarantee it. If you do not pass the PANCE® within 1 year of… (Read More)

7 Do’s and Don’ts for PAs To Pass the PANCE

When you’re studying for the PANCE, everything feels like a stressor. Studying is more difficult when you’re anxious, not having much free time can actually… (Read More)

PA Students: Passing the PANCE

With 300 timed questions, the PANCE can be a real pain in the… well, you know what if you’ve spent the past month and a… (Read More)

PANCE Prep: Study Tips for PA Students

Fearing the unexpected is normal, but when it comes to PANCE prep, our nerves can affect our test scores. We think the more we know about… (Read More)

How Long Should I Study for the PANCE?

Passing an exam as difficult as the PANCE takes a little more energy than just casually looking over your notes from class. A lot goes… (Read More)

Anemias Infographic for Med School

How do you remember the anemias in medical school?This anemias infographic will imprint them in your mind forever!Med School Anemias are one of the toughest… (Read More)

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