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Picmonic Beta Testers

We want Picmonic to be the best possible learning tool. That’s where our Beta Community comes in: testing out features and improvements to the app before they go live to the world.

To preview the latest updates, Premium members can opt into the Picmonic Beta Community! As a member of Picmonic’s Beta Community, you will automatically receive new features and improvements before they become available to everyone else. We’ll always let you know when we release another new Beta feature, by sending you a message within the app.

To join in:

  1. As a Premium member, you unlock a special Beta Access Tile on your Home Screen.
  2. Use this tile to enable your Beta Access. It looks like this: beta-access
  3. Be aware, you may encounter bugs, glitches, or even content issues. But have no fear! You can always disable your Beta Access from your Beta Access Tile on your Home Screen.
  4. When you’ve joined, you’ll see Beta features labeled within the app with a red “Provide Feedback” button that looks like this: betaYou can click these buttons to give us feedback on the feature they are associated with!

Some things the Beta Community has received early access to:

Community Picmonics

Beta users can finally discover the creations of their peers using the Search function.

New Browse

We’ve condensed the information and made a few adjustments to make it easier to find the Picmonics you need.

New Home Screen

A shiny new fully customizable Home Screen so you can set it up to meet your studying needs.

The Picmonic Generator

A way to create & share your own Picmonics with the help of our entire character bank. Click here to learn more. 


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.05.01 PM Students demanded a way to quickly test themselves across multiple topics to ensure they have every fact memorized. We listened and created a Quiz. Our mission is to help students succeed, and assessment of mastery is paramount to that goal. Click here to learn more.

Customize a Picmonic: Add a Character and Add a Fact

Customize a Picmonic V3 GifYou can now add facts and characters to Picmonics to make sure you have all the necessary info in one place. Click here to learn more.

Community Facts

community facts v2We’ve compiled the most commonly suggested facts and made them publicly available for easy access for you. Click here to learn more.

Related Picmonics

To succeed, you have to learn and remember every detail of every bug, drug, and disease AND how it relates to everything else. With the click of a button, reveal all those meaningful connections through Related Picmonics. Click here to learn more.

Picmonic Player Settings

Player Settings V3 Gif Everyone learns a little differently. Player Settings let you customize your experience in the Picmonic Player! Here are a few of the settings you can personalize:

  1. Show Play-Quiz Option
  2. Show Definitions During Audio
  3. Enable Review Mode
  4. Show All Characters in Learn
  5. Change the brightness of the mask
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