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Picmonic Group Buy: Subscribe with friends for the best deal

Picmonic Group Buy

Research proves your test scores will be 50% better with Picmonic. Picmonic also gets better with friends. To help you get those better scores this year, we’ve kicked off an Open Group Buy and you’re invited.

Launch your Picmonic group buy by clicking below and becoming your group’s 1st member. Then invite others to get in on the deal before your group buy expires (you’ll be able to see your expiration date listed). 

Picmonic Group Buy FAQs:

> How do I join a group buy?

Someone in an existing group buy will have to share their special group buy link with you. They can find this unique link on their Home Screen. Once you’ve clicked their link, you’ll see the status of the group buy at the top of the page. Just select which subscription option you’d like to purchase and you’re in!

> If I launch a group buy and invite my friends, do they get a discount too?

Yes! They get the same deal you get: 15% off for joining your group buy and a 15% refund if your group buy gets 5 members.

> Do I still get to keep the initial 15% off if the group buy doesn’t hit its goal?

Yep. You’ll save money no matter what. Save 15% just for launching or joining a group buy – even if your group doesn’t hit its goal of 5 members! So there’s nothing to lose ;)

> How will I know how close my group is to reaching its goal?

Once you join a group buy we’ll add a group buy tracker to your Home Screen (along with cool sharing tools), where you can always see up to the minute info!

Bonus: Anyone you invite to your group buy will also be able to see this tracker when they click on your unique group buy link!

> If a group buy reaches its goal, can others still join that group and get the same deal?

Yep! There is no limit to how many can join a group buy and get in on the deal. Once a group has hit its goal, anyone who joins will automatically get the entire 30% off when they purchase. No waiting.

> Once I launch a group buy, how can I invite others?

Once you launch a group buy, you’ll be given a unique link that you can share with friends to invite them to join your group. We’ll also hook you up with easy sharing tools on your Picmonic Home Screen and via email.

Bonus: Everyone who joins your group buy will be given the same sharing tools so they can invite even more to join your group.

> Can someone join a group buy after it has expired?

Once a group buy has expired, no one else can join it. But you can always kick off your own group buy!

> Can I launch or join a group buy even if I already have Premium access?

Yes! Any group buy subscription will just extend your current Premium access. You can always see how long you have left on your current access through your My Subscriptions page.

> Can group buy be combined with other offers or discounts?

Group buy is such an amazing deal that it may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, including any referral program incentives.

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