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How to increase nursing school engagement by including free mnemonic video-quiz lessons in your assignments

 Calling all nursing educators! Are your students coming to class prepared? Are they engaged? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Are they really retaining what they… (Read More)

Recommended Resource: How to use Picmonic and Osmosis Together

What is Osmosis?Osmosis is an efficient, enjoyable, and social way to learn. Access to Osmosis includes:• A comprehensive video library with access to over 800… (Read More)

Picmonic for Mobile Devices: Android

Picmonic is now leaner, meaner, and FASTER on Android. Study on the go easier than ever and keep your Daily Repetition Quiz Streak alive!Review Picmonics or… (Read More)

Picmonic Referral Bonus: Share & Earn Freebies

 They get: 20% off  For each referral you get: a $5 Amazon e-gift card + 2 weeks freeThat’s right – we’ll hook you up with… (Read More)

Quiz Challenge

You can now challenge your friends to a battle of wits via rapid recall quiz. Only Premium members can launch one, but anyone can join… (Read More)

Picmonic Group Buy: Subscribe with friends for the best deal

Picmonic gets better with friends. Start or join a Picmonic group buy, invite friends, and you’ll score an awesome deal + increase your long-term success…. (Read More)

The Picmonic Audio Bar Just Got a Facelift

More Functionality and Customization on MobileAll the core functions of the Audio Bar are now available on mobile (web and Android).On some mobile devices, you… (Read More)

Print & Go: Print any Picmonic and take it with you wherever you go

We’re unleashing our characters from their digital chains with Print & Go!You all have been requesting printable Picmonics for years, and we’re stoked to make it… (Read More)

New Year, New Picmonic

We just gave the Picmonic app an upgrade, making it sleeker, more streamlined, and more personalized for you. Here’s a breakdown of some of the cool,… (Read More)

Picmonic Free: The New Picmonic Trial

Ready to learn faster, easier, and more effectively? Picmonic combines unforgettable images and stories to help you learn everything you need to know as a… (Read More)

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