Picmonic Chrome Extension:
Med Study Pop-up

Free instantaneous access to Picmonic visual learning thumbnails, summary snapshots, high-yield fact lists, videos, and quizzes for any medical topic you're studying.


High-Yield Facts when you Hover on Med Topics

Over 1 million students use Picmonic to memorize topics, ace exams, and prep for boards. Now with the Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic Chrome Extension, students have instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield fact list, Video and Quiz for any medical topic they are studying.


Valuable Time

Get immediate pop-up explanations of high-yield terms and instant access to Picmonic’s mnemonic videos.

Strengthen Understanding

Master the key facts that you’re most likely to see on board exams like the NCLEX®, PANCE, USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Shelf exams, and more!

Improve Long Term Retention

Picmonic's unforgettable mnemonics are research-proven to improve long-term retention by 331%.

How It works

Just add the free Picmonic Chrome Extension to your desktop Chrome Browser, and when you hover over underlined terms in your browser, you’ll instantly see the Picmonic pop-up window.

Note: This Chrome Extension is only for desktop Google Chrome browsers. Mobile web browsers are not supported.

Access Picmonic Topics while on most Websites and Search Engines

The Picmonic pop-up window contains each topic’s high yield fact list, thumbnail image, and related topics. Click the thumbnail to watch the corresponding <3-minute Picmonic mnemonic video, quiz, and Resources.

Install The Picmonic Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome Extensions are programs that can be installed into your desktop Chrome Browser in order to customize and improve the browser's functionality!

What is the Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic Chrome Extension?

The Picmonic Chrome Extension works in your existing desktop Chrome browser to integrate your study resources and make it even easier to access high-yield Picmonic content from within any supported website on Chrome. By installing the Med Study Pop-up by Picmonic, you’ll see a pop-up containing:

  • Topic Explanation
  • High-yield fact list
  • Picmonic thumbnail image
  • Related topics
  • A link to the corresponding Picmonic Video and Quizzes

How does the Picmonic Chrome Extension work?

Once you download the Picmonic Chrome Extension, Picmonic intelligently scans each supported web page you’re on for any medical terms that are covered within our comprehensive content library. If you hover over an underlined term, you’ll see a pop-up containing topic explanations, a high yield fact list, Picmonic thumbnail image, related topics, and a link to the corresponding Picmonic Video and Quizzes.

Is the Picmonic Chrome Extension Free?

Yes, the Picmonic Chrome Extension is 100% free to use for everyone. A Picmonic account is not required.

Do I need a Picmonic account or subscription to use the Picmonic Chrome Extension?

No, you can download and use the Picmonic Chrome Extension without signing up for Picmonic.

If you’d like to Play a Picmonic and access its corresponding Quiz, you will need a Picmonic Free account. With Picmonic Free you can Play 1 Picmonic, answer 20 Quiz questions every day, plus run through 1 round of our Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition. You can always unlock unlimited Video plays, Quiz questions, and Daily Quiz rounds with a Picmonic Premium subscription.

Will the Picmonic Chrome Extension help medical students study for board exams like USMLE Step 1, Step 2, or COMLEX?

Med Students have always recommended using Picmonic, whether it’s studying to ace medical school exams, or prepping for boards, or running through First Aid as you’re studying for Step or COMLEX.

Will the Picmonic Chrome Extension Add-On help PA students study for the PANCE exam?

PA Students can use Picmonic, too! Whether it’s studying to ace PA school exams, or prepping for the PANCE, Picmonic can help you succeed!

Are there any other Picmonic integrations that will streamline my studying?

Absolutely! Picmonic also has a direct integration with Anki. With the Picmonic Anki Add-On, students have instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield fact list, Video and Quiz for any Anki flashcard they are studying on Anki.

Looking for more technical information on the Add-On or running into issues? You can find answers in our Help Center.

What Students Say



I think it's great that I can just add Picmonics to my Playlist straight from what I'm reading. Like there is a legit Picmonic for that! 

Liz - Towson University CCBC - Essex

Absolutely I love it! Especially during homework because I’m already looking things up and it automatically shows you an awesome Picmonic.

Antoneya - Chamberlain University

I love it! Seriously so helpful. I've recommended it to all of my peers and those that try it enjoy it too. I love that the pop-up gives the quick rundown of it all and if you want can then click on it. So user-friendly it makes me sick!

Joseph - Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

I love that I can discover Picmonics I wouldn't have thought existed. But I see them when they light up with a blue underline on my Chrome browser pages. It reminds me to use Picmonic daily and makes it relevant to whatever I am studying. I don't have to search for the Picmonics, they come to me.

Catrina - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Super convenient as a pharmacy student to be able to hover over drug names and disease states that are underlined on any website I'm looking at to get a pop-up with a concise refresher of indications, side effects, etc. Also has a link to watch the relevant Picmonic video and related videos. Makes it easy to review any drug I come across without having to navigate to a separate site. Big time saver, great extension!

Nate - University of Washington School of Pharmacy