Use Spaced Repetition for Effective Learning

Stop wasting precious study time and adopt Spaced Repetition — a method that lets you spend less time studying, while retaining the same amount of information.

How Picmonic Uses the Spaced Repetition Learning Model

What if your study tool could quickly identify where you are weak and recommend the ideal review plan to maximize your performance? Picmonic can be your personal trainer — for your brain. Our intelligent spaced repetition app algorithms automatically adjust your daily study queue to maximize retention.

Picmonic can help you recall everything you’ve learned not only next week or next month but for years to come. Our daily quizzes allow you to practice active recall by remembering the information you just learned, in turn strengthening memory pathways.

You can also track your performance on the Home Screen Performance Tracker to identify gaps and topics that you may need to revisit and revise.

student using Picmonic’s daily quiz

How Spaced Repetition Works

In order for our brains to retain any information, we have to keep refreshing it periodically with timed intervals. The right time to practice is at the moment you’re about to forget, and getting that time correct dramatically improves learning. That’s why you need smart software algorithms to help you review just before the forgetting curve sets in.

Spaced repetition uses increasing intervals of time between review of previously learned material in order to maximize retention & recall. So the more often you come across certain information, the less often you will need to refresh your memory of it.

Daily Quiz

Picmonic’s spaced repetition learning algorithms automatically adjust your daily study queue to maximize retention as you prep for exams. Doing a daily quiz with Picmonic re-exposes you to information at spaced intervals, helping your brain build memories.

Personalized Dashboard

Whether you are studying for the USMLE, COMLEX, NCLEX, PANCE, AANP, NBCOT, NPTE, MCAT or any other exam, our Home Screen will quickly identify your weak areas and recommend the most important categories and topics for you to study to maximize your performance and minimize your study time.

Picmonic’s dashboard view

Track Your Progress

Using Picmonic’s spaced repetition-based Daily Quizzes beyond graduation gives you a fun and relaxing way to ensure you never forget important information, even after you start your professional career.

Track your progress

What Students Say About Retaining Information With Picmonic

Headshot - Makeda

Picmonic has helped me in a way that I didn’t think possible. The spaced repetition model you all have in the system is the best part. I have been able to retain the information better than any other method I have tried. This has been a game changer.

Headshot - Rashidah

Picmonic has been a great help for my second-year medical school class. It has helped me a lot especially in memorizing drug names and actions. The quizzes and spaced repetition are the bonuses. Students like me who are visual learners should use this app, I guarantee you will see improvement in your grade!

Headshot - Charles D.

Picmonic is the most powerful memory aid I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to forget stories like those of Taco-lioness and the Astronaut-police (for tacrolimus and azathioprine), both on test day and during clinicals. Plus Picmonic has an auto-generated spaced-repetition schedule that would have taken me hours of work every week to create myself.