How to Ace Your Exams With Picmonic

Being prepared can lay the foundation for your exam success. To truly grasp a topic, it’s important to not only learn it, but also learn how it relates to everything else.

Related Facts Made Easy With Picmonic

Preparing for your nursing or medical exams is not easy. You need to remember every sign and set of symptoms a patient can present for each disease. Not to mention memorizing all the different drug names and knowing every condition they can treat.

Picmonic can help you better understand these topics and help you answer those tricky exam questions. Here’s how to use Picmonic to help you ace your exams:

  1. Use Picmonic to study similar concepts as we make it easy to differentiate between similar facts and show related facts across topics by using consistent characters throughout.
  2. Create your own Picmonics from scratch for each topic and strengthen your memory anchors by adding in additional facts.
  3. Review previously learned material in order to improve retention using our spaced repetition reminders.
  4. Test your knowledge with our daily quiz questions.
  5. Use the Picmonic mobile app  to study on the go, wherever you are.
Consistent characters across Picmonics

How Picmonic Can Help With Differentiating and Relating Facts

Related Picmonics

By being consistent and using the same character across different topics, we make it easier to remember related facts. The distinct characters will help you to remember and differentiate between similar facts. We make sure those hard-to-remember relationships stick with you for the long term!

Character Glossary

View all key characters and where they appear across the Picmonic Library. The glossary helps with creating a differential diagnosis, comparing and contrasting topics, and visualizing relationships with other concepts.

What Students Say About Using Picmonic

Headshot - Callie

Picmonic maintains a same theme amongst the database for memorization consistency (I.e. Penicillin will always be the character “pencil villain”). Picmonic was a great asset for me in medical school and I would recommend all people who are daunted by memorizing the thousand things you need to know for STEP to give it a try.