To succeed in school you have to learn a topic AND how it relates to everything else.


Related Facts Made Easy

If a patient presents with a set of symptoms, you need to remember every possible cause. Question about a drug? You'll need to know every condition it could treat.

Picmonic helps with these tricky exam questions by:

  • Making it easier to differentiate between similar facts
  • Easily showing related facts across topics
  • Maintaining consistent characters across topics

Tailored to you

Related Picmonics

By using the same character across different topics we make it easier to remember related facts, and the distinct characters will help you differentiate between similar facts. We make sure those hard-to-remember relationships stick with you for the long term!

Character Glossary

View all key characters and where they appear across the Picmonic Library. The glossary helps with creating a differential diagnosis, comparing and contrasting topics, and visualizing relationships with other concepts.

What Students Say


Callie Davies

Picmonic maintains a same theme amongst the database for memorization consistency (I.e. Penicillin will always be the character "pencil villain”). Picmonic was a great asset for me in medical school and I would recommend all people who are daunted by memorizing the thousand things you need to know for STEP to give it a try.

Callie DaviesPhoenix, Arizona - Maricopa Medical Center Emergency Medicine