Tips for Success in Med School

The Play-Quiz Loop

Play. Quiz. Remember.

Here at Picmonic, we are constantly on a mission to provide you with not only unforgettable Picmonics but also the best possible learning system. We consult with everyone from students to educators to user experience experts. We listen to every bit of feedback we receive, and always combine it with scientifically-backed research to make your learning experience more effective. We’ve learned a ton. Now, we have an even better way for you to make learning the impossible, possible. We’ve upgraded to a rapid review multiple-choice quiz that allows you to assess your knowledge. Play a Picmonic, then quiz yourself on it with a multiple-choice Quiz!

The Play-Quiz Loop

screenshot intro to rhinovirus quiz

First, you’ll Play a Picmonic the same way that you always have. Listen to the audio, see the characters, and let your brain absorb that beautiful knowledge.
play a picmonic

Then, it’s time to test yourself. Take the multiple-choice quiz and see whether you know every fact.

Once you’ve completed the Quiz, we’ll recommend whether you should Play the Picmonic again, retake the Quiz if you have room for improvement, or move onto the Next Picmonic.

quiz results on rhinovirus


Get every fact correct in the Quiz and you’ll know you’ve officially ‘Learned‘ the topic, with your stats readily available across the app.

Quiz on a Pathway

Just click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the Pathway and select Quiz.

Using Play and Quiz together makes learning with Picmonic easier and more effective so that you can master information faster. The Play-Quiz Loop is a superior way to gauge your knowledge, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Let us know your thoughts anytime at

Log in to your account, find a Picmonic to Play or Quiz on, and give the Loop a test drive!

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