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With powerful customization capabilities, and the ability to create your own mnemonics, Picmonic has become even more efficient, targeted and complete, and tailored to meet your unique learning needs.

Create a Mnemonic with Picmonic

Picmonic’s powerful creator tools let you transform Picmonics into the best study app for you. If you want to add topics or facts to our comprehensive library of Picmonics, or if you want to strengthen memory anchors by adding facts, videos or images to existing Picmonics, you can!

Make your learning more effective by tailoring our Picmonics and creating your own that you never forget.

customize picmonics by adding notes

How to use Picmonic as a Mnemonic Generator

Add Facts Or Characters

Strengthen memory anchors as you add facts, characters and notes to tailor any Picmonic to suit your study needs. You can easily see thousands of facts already added by the community of medical, nursing, therapy and other healthcare students.

Add Relevant Media

Easily add links to real-life videos, images or other content so you can quickly access material you’ll see on an exam as you study. You can also access thousands of relevant media links already added by the community of medical, nursing and other healthcare students.

Create Your Own Picmonics

Create a new Picmonic from scratch if there are course topics that you want to easily access within Picmonic. Whether you are studying for the USMLE, COMLEX, NCLEX, PANCE, AANP, NBCOT, NPTE, MCAT or other exam, you can easily turn Picmonic into the best exam study resource for you.

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What Students Have to Say About Customizing Picmonics

Headshot - Dmitry

The Picmonic platform is unique because it gathers Anatomy, Embryology, Pharmacology and Pathology under one roof. It also provides a way to memorize important facts that are not included into a collection of existing Picmonics. Custom Picmonics and modification of existing ones are the most valuable tools I have ever seen. No other platform allows you to do that (besides your old notebook)…

Headshot - Doc

If you aren’t adding your own facts to EVERY picmonic you study, you’re doing it wrong!!! That empty space on each picmonic is there FOR A REASON! USE IT! Adding your own facts will help you be MUCH more engaged in learning and remember content better, especially from your own school curriculum! -WalkTheDoc