Watch Now: 7 Tips to Crush the NCLEX

7 Tips to Crush the NCLEXⓇ

After classes are finished and the graduation celebration is over, nursing students have one last exam standing between them and their first job—it’s time to crush the NCLEXⓇ. 

Kevin Gibson, BSN, RN, (a.k.a. The Boot Nurse) knows this all too well. Kevin recently shared seven tried-and-true tips to crush the NCLEX. He covered everything from managing your study time, tools for success, tips for reducing test anxiety, practical NCLEX advice, and more! And, after his content was done, he fielded a super helpful question and answer session. 

Looking for a quick summary of Kevin’s tips to crush the NCLEX? We’ve listed them below.

💡 Pro Tip! Kevin shares so much more content than his seven tips, especially during the Q&A session. Be sure to watch! 

7 Tips to Crush the NCLEX

Tip #1: Manage Your Time Wisely

From planners to whiteboards, to scheduled breaks, there are tons of resources for managing your time in nursing school. And, Picmonic offers one more. While we encourage students to start studying for the NCLEX on day one of nursing school, The Picmonic 4 Weeks to NCLEX Workbook & Study Planner offers a systematic and regimented format for study and review in the month prior to taking the NCLEX. Learn more (and download a FREE digital copy of Week 1) at

Tip #2: Read & Remediate

Do the questions, If you didn’t know the answer, and even if you do, use your go-tools to recap the rationale for why the answer was wrong–or right!

Tip #3: Do Not Expect the Minimum Amount of Questions

Currently, due to COVID-19, the NCLEX is 75-145 questions. If you’re only prepared for the minimum, you’ll be disappointed, and possibly stressed out, when you get to question 76. Go in prepared to do the maximum number of questions.

Tip #4: Do Not Cram the Night Before

Cramming the night before heightens stress levels and most often creates test anxiety. This is your time to embrace the knowledge you’ve gained and feel confident and relaxed. 

Tip #5: Prepare & Get Sleep

Can you imagine how stressed you’ll be the morning of your text? Reduce this by handling the things you can handle. Set out your clothes. Get your books, snacks, ID, etc. ready, and get 8 hours of quality sleep.

Tip #6: It’s Okay to Not Know Everything

The question bank is approximately 10,000 questions. Nobody could be expected to know each of these questions. The expectation is you know what an entry-level nurse knows, not a seasoned healthcare professional who’s “seen it all.” The test takes into account what is expected and how you apply the expectation to get to the next step

Tip #7: Stay Away from Negativity and Chaos

Sure! This can be easier said than done. If you need it and can afford it, try staying at a hotel or somewhere else the night before. Embrace the “Me-time”.

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