Top 5 YouTube Channels for Nursing Students

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Nursing Students

The nursing field is of tremendous importance, and studying to become a nurse means learning a tremendous amount of knowledge. Regardless of whether you’re a Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Practical Nurse, or earning your Doctorate of Nursing, you have to know a lot about a lot! Nursing isn’t a field for the weak, it takes dedication and strength. That’s why additional resources like YouTube channels for nursing students can be so important to your success. 

It also takes support to be a great nurse because you shouldn’t have to go through school or your work alone. That’s one of the things we love most here at Picmonic, being here for you during school and long after you graduate. The resources you use to excel in your studies are valuable for recertification, staying fresh, or taking that next step in your career.

But Picmonic isn’t alone in our commitment to helping you succeed at every step of your career journey. So, our nursing experts shared some of their favorite video resources to help you stay current on healthcare topics and refreshed from the days of school or work. 

Picmonic’s Top 5 YouTube Channels for Nursing Students


Nursing students, aspiring nurses, and new nursing professionals will find a wealth of information and support from Sarah at RegisteredNurseRN. Sarah is an RN, BSN who is experienced in progressive care, telemetry, medical surgery, non-invasive cardiology, and more.

Her videos include a series of anatomy and physiology lectures, pediatric nursing videos, dosage calculations, and more. In addition, she has a website with a blog, nursing care plans, and a long list of quizzes to test what you’re learning.

Sarah has precepted many nursing students and loves teaching and nursing so you, along with thousands of other nurses and nursing students, can learn a lot from RegisteredNurseRN.

Simple Nursing

When we say that Mike at Simple Nursing has a lot of helpful videos, we mean he has a LOT of videos. Hundreds of videos ranging in topics including more than 15 different pharmacology playlists, NCLEX playlists, and every other topic area you may need in your education or professional journey as a nurse.

The videos are dynamic and range from just a few minutes to more than 30 minutes of educational content and visuals. Simple Nursing also has a paid option with even more videos, cheat sheets, study guides, and quiz questions. There is a lot of great free information to get you started and supplement your other studying resources like Picmonic.


Join the nearly two million subscribers who have found Osmosis videos helpful, whether a current medical professional or someone working their way towards this field. With new videos daily, you can count on learning something new – or refreshing on an old topic – every time you visit Osmosis. Topics range widely from specifics like acute pancreatitis and thyroid eye disease to guided yoga and meditation, and interviews with professionals.

Osmosis keeps timely information at your fingertips with numerous videos around COVID-19 for professionals to know the latest on what’s happening. RNs, NPs, and other nursing professionals are essential to their patients and a community’s overall health and well-being. Osmosis works to ensure you have the information, support, and balance you need.

Speed Pharmacology

One of the things we love most about Speed Pharmacology is its focus. There are so many things to learn and know about nursing, but pharmacology is a significant part and is absolutely worthy of its own channel.

Videos range in length from just a few minutes with a few maxing out around 22 minutes. Everything is direct and to the point. Whether it is a specific cancer drug family you need to brush up on, or understanding different treatment options for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, Speed Pharmacology has you covered with clear, direct, and memorable information.


Head over to Medicosis to indulge yourself in additional mnemonic studying tools.  With new content several times each week, Medicosis covers a broad set of bases in your medical knowledge. Whether in school currently, or brushing up on Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, Medicosis brings it all to life.

The videos are short, memorable, and offer a wide breadth of topics covered for quick refreshers or supplemental studying. If you find these videos helpful, Medicosis has more tools available on their website.

In a field like nursing, there’s more to know and remember than so many other professions. When you add the ever-changing nature of diseases, disease management, and treatments, nurses should rely on each other and experts like the ones here. At Picmonic, we are firm believers in variety, and that holds true for studying and learning information. So, whether you are studying to be an RN, or finished your Doctorate of Nursing a few years ago, you aren’t alone in staying up-to-date on information and connected to support.

Be sure to check out these YouTube channels for nursing students! Learn more about Picmonic for Nursing and start your free trial today. Retaining information the first time will give you a lot more free time back to watch more of these videos!


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