Study tools for healthcare students: 40 Infographic Pack Digital Download

40 Infographic Study Tools for Healthcare Students [FREE Digital Download]

Study Tools for Healthcare Students: 40 Infographics You Need to Be Successful

If you’ve visited our blog lately—like right now?—you’ve probably seen our series featuring Picmonic Infographics. These infographics are helpful study tools for healthcare students and can be a handy go-to for studying (especially on-the-go).

Knowing the information needed to score well on board exams is super important. After all, you do need to pass these exams to become a licensed healthcare provider. More important is to master the information to become a skillful and successful healthcare provider. 

Back in the day, healthcare students typically relied on rote memorization to learn the information required for coursework and exams like USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, NCLEX, PANCE, PANRE, and more. Luckily we have a solution! Now, students everywhere the radically different, highly effective Picmonic! In addition to the 2-3 videos with storylines developed to support understanding of healthcare bugs, drugs, and diseases, students can take daily quizzes leveraging spaced repetition for increased retention. But wait! The helpful study tools don’t stop there! 

It seems like every day, or at least for high-yield medical topics, Picmonic illustrators create amazing infographics to provide high-level overviews for a variety of topics. And, for the first time ever, we’ve packaged 40 of our most popular infographics for easy access.

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