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When you’re studying to take the MCAT, there’s no shortcut to acing the test. Being a Pre-Health student means you’ve got to be proactive about your approach to the material and, unfortunately, you can’t just wing it. You have to study. No one is excluded from this club, but there are ways to make this major pain so much easier. Picmonic helps you become smarter in less time and in a way that is interesting so all your knowledge sticks with you even in the darkest hours (aka, through all four sections of a seven and a half hour test). While study habits are different for everyone, the one thing that doesn’t change is everyone has to study. So here are six pre-health study tips for studying that will help you no matter what year of school you’re in.

Find a Pattern that Works and Turn it Into a Schedule

Do you do better when you study for longer stretches or half an hour with a ten minute break? Do you focus better in the mornings or at night? Finding a pattern that works for you and then creating a schedule you can stick to regularly will help make studying a habit. Picmonic helps you find natural patterns by offering Playlists that guide you through your studies, making it easier than ever to learn efficiently. (And hey! We will even give you a free trial!)

Don’t Freak Out (Even If That’s Easier Said Than Done)

Okay. Maybe you didn’t do too well on a test. Don’t worry. You can learn from your mistakes! Take this time to test yourself again and figure out why you got the questions wrong. If you find you’re having trouble with an entire section, check in with Picmonic’s Playlists to get your head back in the game. Picmonic can help you learn faster than ever and actually retain it for forever. Seriously, the knowledge you pick up with Picmonic will last long after you graduate.

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Textbooks are a necessary evil but that doesn’t mean you have to live by their rules! Make your own rules and sign up for Picmonic. Picmonic is like a visual tour of your textbook told in storytelling form that is guaranteed to help you remember way more, boost your test scores, and make your parents super proud. Not that you parents weren’t proud already, but you know. Check out Picmonic’s visual Pre-Health study tips and see for yourself why it’s a better way to study!

Take it to the Limit

Memorizing is one thing, applying what you learned is a whole other thing. Make sure you don’t simply remember a fact. Make sure you understand it. Having an actual understanding of the facts you’re learning in school means that you’ll have a better chance of scoring top of the class on your MCAT. Figure out why you’re learning a certain topic and you’ll find you’re memorizing less and actually understanding and applying your knowledge more.

Make Studying a Priority

Well, it’s not like we have to tell you that studying is super important, but sometimes friends and family may not understand that you will be working really hard for a large part of the semester so they may see less of you. While it may crowd your social schedule for a few months, just remind your family that it’ll all be worth it in the long run. You know, when they’re asking you for medical advice.

But Also Take a Break

You may not want to go to your great uncle’s 98th birthday party, but you probably should. Take breaks every once in a while and reconnect with actual people. And while you may not want to admit it,  sleep is important! Staying up late to cram isn’t the best use of your time. Study at least a little bit every day to keep your schedule lighter and you’ll see that life is a lot better when you’re not cramming. This is one of the most valuable pre-health study tips we can give you. Picmonic Playlists and daily quizzes make it easy to break studying up into easy chunks so when it comes to a big test day you aren’t scrambling to find the time to memorize a lot of facts. Cramming like that is stressful on your mind and your body and in the long-run, you won’t remember as much, anyway.

You have to study a lot for the MCAT, so at the very least you should make studying interesting. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Picmonic has you covered with mnemonic pre health study tips that are entertaining and actually helpful! With engaging and humorous stories and characters, Picmonic Pre-Health study guides provide you will all the information you need while managing to keep topics fresh and easy to remember. (You’re welcome!) Sign up for a free trial today!


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