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MCAT Exam Prep: How I Got a 509 with 5 Weeks of Studying

If you’re in the midst of studying for MCAT exam prep, check out my story on how to conquer it!“And now let’s honor the graduating… (Read More)

Pre-Health Study Tips for the Busy Pre-Health Student

When you’re studying to take the MCAT, there’s no shortcut to acing the test. Being a Pre-Health student means you’ve got to be proactive about… (Read More)

6 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Pre-Health Student

School can be a little overwhelming. Okay, maybe more than a little. And it gets even more intense as a pre-health student. It starts to… (Read More)

5 Things to Know Before You Become a Pre-Health Major

When you’ve finally decided you want to help people by joining the medical field, it’s a time to celebrate! …and get to work. It takes… (Read More)

8 Summer Opportunities for Pre-Health Majors

Summer for some people might mean pool time and Popsicles, but for many pre-health students, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all… (Read More)

7 Things Every Pre-Health Student Should Do

A college career in pre-health is a whirlwind of studying for the MCAT and then worrying about what you scored on the MCAT. But it… (Read More)

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