How to Study for the PANCE Exam and Pass

Create and Share Playlists

Create your own Playlists and share them with friends, classmates, teachers, or anyone else.

Drake Picmonic

Find your Playlists


Create a Playlist


  1. Head to Browse or Search in your navigation bar.
  2. Find a Picmonic you’d like to add to your Playlist and click the Add to Playlist icon or click the More icon More Icon to choose which Playlist you’d like to add your selection to.
  3. If you’d like to add an entire Path to a Playlist, just find the Path you’d like to add and click the More icon More Icon to choose which Playlist you’d like to add your selection to.  

Share a Playlist

  1. Open up your Browse section.
  2. Head to My Playlists.
  3. Select a Playlist you would like to share.
  4. Click the Share icon to share via email, direct link, or to your My School page.

If you don’t have your school entered in, head to your Menu, select “Edit Profile”, and select your school to gain access to shared playlists on your My School page. Now when you painstakingly create the perfect playlist for one of your upcoming exams, you can share it with your classmates, who will immediately begin singing your praises from the rooftops.

When I share a Playlist with others, what happens?

Any user you share with will be able to choose to add your shared Playlist to their account and view it or alter as they see fit. Any alterations they make will only affect their own Playlist within their account and will not alter your original Playlist. When a Playlist is shared with someone who is not already a Picmonic user, they will receive more information about Picmonic and will be able to view the Picmonics included in the free trial before deciding if they would like to upgrade to a Premium account and view the entire shared playlist along with the rest of the library included with Premium access.

Happy studying and happy sharing! -The Picmonic Team

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