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6 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Pre-Health Student

School can be a little overwhelming. Okay, maybe more than a little. And it gets even more intense as a pre-health student. It starts to add up when you have to finish a lab, understand the human body, cram for a test (but also read the next chapter), get awesome grades, make time to hang with friends, and after all of that, still get into a good medical program, you might feel like you’ve started to pay in sweat. And sleep hours.

Let Picmonic get you back some time! Picmonic’s visual study aids for pre-health students help you remember more of what you actually need to know. We use witty stories and characters that will boost your retention and make studying fun. But, sometimes it can feel like school is dragging on and will never be over. When you’re worried you won’t make it past your next term paper and you feel like giving up, we have six tricks that will help keep your head in the game.

Don’t Freak Out

It’s true that being a pre-health student is a lot of work. aThe stress of keeping up your grades and getting everything done before graduation can keep you up at night. We’ve been there. Try to take everything one step at a time and don’t be afraid to go outside the textbook to find study material. Picmonic offers visual study guides that can help you retain up to 331% more than just using your notes and a highlighter. That’s like, way beyond passing and straight into smarty pants territory. No need to freak out! Picmonic has you covered.

Stay Up to Date

Medicine is changing all the time. It’s a science! Which you know, since you’re probably taking so many science classes as a pre-health student. Don’t wait for your residency to begin learning about new medical techniques. Make sure you’re checking health news and medical journals often and talking to professors about breakthroughs in medicine. However, while medicine is changing constantly, that doesn’t mean that you can lax on studying the basics. Picmonic’s visual study guides and daily quizzes can help you learn the essentials -and remember them way after school’s over and you’re out on the floor with patients. Plus, Picmonic always stays up to date with the most recent information!

Seek Out Pre-Health Student Alumni

If you’re having some panic attacks about whether or not you actually want to continue on the pre-health career path, reach out to other people who have gone through the program before you as a pre-health student. It can be less stressful to go through schooling if you at least know what’s coming. Talk to someone about their experience in order to gather a clearer picture of what you’re in for and how to prepare for the future.

Grab a Pre-Health Student Study Partner

Being motivated comes easily when you have someone who relies on you. Pick up a pre-health student friend who will study and learn with you on a regular basis. You can even make a Picmonic playlist of mnemonic visual study guides to share. You know, because sharing is caring (but with Picmonic, it also leads to better grades).

Set Your Sights (and Goals!)

It’s hard to go on a journey without an end destination. It’s much easier to set both long and short term goals so that you know you’re on the right path to success. Choose small goals like making sure to answer Picmonic’s totally tailored to you Daily Quiz, but also set larger goals such as choosing the dates you plan on submitting your medical school applications. End goals will help get you through those long stretches when you can’t remember why you’re working so hard.

And Always Remember Your Main Objective

When you’re stressed in class or worried about a test, remember your primary objective isn’t simply to make it through school, it’s to be the best health professional you can be and help the people who need it the most. When you keep the main picture in your head it’s a lot easier to push yourself to study and do well as a pre-health student.

Keeping yourself motivated to do well is key to reaching all your goals. It’s easier to get an A on your test when you know the end result is an amazing and fulfilling career. Picmonic can help you get through the toughest part of school with their mnemonic visual study guides that will help you perform better by teaching you facts in a totally unforgettable way. Sign up for Picmonic’s free trial so you can start learning better, today!

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