5 insider tips for mastering np school from Jenean Sampson, MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC

5 Insider Tips for Nurse Practitioner School

A Secrets to Success Webinar

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and social media influencer, Jenean Sampson recently passed her boards and thought it only fitting to share some of her insider tips for Nurse Practitioner student.

Join her as she discusses her go-to tools and tips for understanding coursework, preparing for her board exams, and making the most of every opportunity.

So…without further ado, here are:

5 Insider Tips for Nurse Practitioner School

TIP 1: Study and review daily while in school.

TIP 2: Invest in a useful planner—a physical planner or digital. Create a study schedule to get organized. This helps with what to focus on, so you don’t get overwhelmed.


TIP 3: Learn the material for yourself and your future practice, not just for your board exams.

TIP 4: Make tables, charts, and/or concept maps for common diagnoses.

TIP 5: Mental health matters! It’s important to take mental health and study breaks. And, start weekly or bi-weekly self-care days.

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