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Real Medical Students Share the Picmonic Anki Add-on on YouTube: The Reviews Are In

Anki Flashcards have long been the worst kept secret for medical students studying for USMLEⓇ Step 1, Step 2, or just learning the material necessary to become a successful healthcare provider. 

Anki is a flashcard app leveraging spaced repetition—hey! We know a lot about that!—to help medical students quiz more often on high-yield topics for better comprehension and long-term retention. Anki is open-source, allowing students to create their own flashcards and decks, based on their programs or individual needs. Because it’s an open-source platform, Anki has literally thousands of Add-Ons, creating a more visual or creative platform.

Picmonic Anki Add-On on YouTube

And, because we have so much in common, Picmonic recently released an Add-On for Anki! Combining your favorite study flashcards with your favorite video mnemonics. Get ready to achieve your dream score on your boards!
The Picmonic Anki Add-On offers a direct integration between Anki and Picmonic, giving medical students instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield fact lists, videos, and spaced repetition quizzes for any Anki flashcard they’re studying.


Check Out These Videos Featuring Real Medical Students Sharing the Picmonic Anki Add-On on YouTube

Best Study Resources: Picmonic (for Med School, Nursing School, Premed, and more!

In this YouTube video, @AnKingMed highlights all the amazing features of Picmonic—including, of course, the FREE Picmonic Anki Add-On!

Anki-Addons and Advanced Features (3/3)

Gerard Correa, a second-year Medical Student at Cebu Institute of Medicine shares advanced features of Anki including Add-Ons for productivity and studying in med school.

Evening Study With Me Session in Med School | Revision Tips, Anki Flashcards, Active Recall

Kenji Tomita is currently a fourth-year medical student at King’s College London. In this video, he’ll share an evening session of studying while in medical school. And how he uses the FREE Picmonic Anki Add-On.

A Week Delivering Babies on OBGYN! | I Got the Vaccine

Precious, is an Emergency Medicine resident physician and on her YouTube channel, @WhiteCoatChronicles, she’s sharing her experiences through medicine and life. In this video, Precious shares how she used Picmonic’s Anki Add-On to prepare for USMLE Step 3—and pass!

How to Revise Effectively? | Use Picmonic Video​ & Anki Together | Visual Mnemonic Method

Revision is important for long-term memory. @medicprakhar shares how he’s using the Picmonic Anki Add-On to review content in med school.

Still a skeptic? MS2, MissionsDoc recently shared his experience with the Add-On.



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