Top Resources for Nurse Practitioners for 2022

Top Resources for Nurse Practitioners

Being a Nurse Practitioner (NP) means having not only the skills and education for the job, but also the passion to continuously help others. Along the journey from undergrad, grad school, clinicals and board exams, you are going to need somewhere to turn for support that understands the unspoken passion all NPs possess. Picmonic is a big piece of that support from the first day of your NP program, but if you’re looking for a diverse set of experts and personalities (and we think you should), we’ve got you covered there too!

Whether you relate to a busy mom, an NP-meets-lifestyle blog, or some motivation to go with your Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) tips, look no further. Our NP experts here at Picmonic have narrowed down the many outstanding and passionate blogs, vlogs and social media personalities out there to our top four NP resources of 2022.

Picmonic Nurse Practitioner Resource Roundup

Fatima Francesca

If you want an NP resource that speaks to more than just your healthcare interests, Fatima may be a great fit! Her Fatima Francesca: Lifestyle Vlogs, Girl Talk, Nurse Entrepreneurship YouTube channel may become one of your favorite NP resources. She walks through a variety of topics ranging from her recent experience with Telemedicine as a patient and her NP morning routines, to what it felt like earning her degree. She also shares the hard work that went into opening her own medical spa for those interested in being an NP entrepreneur!

She shares a lot of fun lifestyle videos as well that highlight things she loves, like travel, beauty tips, and so much more. Her upbeat and honest approach are fun and relatable for 100k+ subscribers and she never makes them wait long for her next video.

You can also check out Fatima’s Instagram for lifestyle, mindfulness, motivation and more!

Nurse Liz

You can always count on Nurse Liz to share whatever she knows about a specific topic or her individual experience. She is ready and willing to share every trick of the trade, best ways to succeed, and her real life as she juggles family and career. Any of you working parents out there – or those who might be in that position in the future – Nurse Liz shares days (and weekends) in her life that remind you that all the big important jobs, like being an NP, parent or spouse, can all work together.

The NP Binder she created and shares on her blog with regular updates is available for a reasonable fee. It includes all of her NP reference sheets, a list of frequently used ICD 10 codes, and a list of links of her favorite external resources with descriptions. The NP Binder is helpful to guide management of common conditions and wellness visits.

The Nurse Liz YouTube channel is full of practical videos to help you through your school life, work life and personal life! So whether you want information about cloth diapers for your baby, day in the life insights, or nursing telemedicine, Nurse Liz has you covered! You can also check out her Instagram account for pictures and a look into her life and everything she experiences as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Jasmine Ghee

Jasmine’s YouTube channel is stocked with some of the best selection of nursing videos we have seen. Her Nursing Playlist has all of your questions answered – and then some! She shares experiences with things like night shift nursing, getting her state license, first year of nursing school, recommended supplies for nursing school, and resume and interview tips. Jasmine has a lot to offer students, future students and professionals.

She is also very serious about the human aspect of nursing school and being an RN or NP. Her videos include tips on the elusive work-life balance as a nurse as well as budgeting and paying for school. Jasmine also loves to share some of her personal side as well, with videos that include her beauty recommendations and routine, inspiration and motivation!

We love how Jasmine shares a personal side of her nursing journey and maintains balance in her life as a nurse! Enjoy her videos and check out her Instagram for even more of her personal blend of career and family!

Nurse Nacole

What’s not to love about Nurse Nacole and her Nursing Tip of the Day on her blog? You can peruse fundamental topics like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, hypothermic cardiac arrest and more. Nurse Nacole also explores infectious disease topics in her Tip of the Day like rabies and HIV, as well as medical surgical nursing topics including atrial fibrillation and hypothermia among others. But her Tips of the Day are just one of the reasons to make Nurse Nacole a regular resource in 2022 and beyond.

Nurse Nacole dives into her Nursing Hacks to help you through challenging situations like navigating different communication styles in school and work, and how learning and comprehension are different for different people. Nacole has also loaded her Nursing Advice section with helpful topics that include study tips, how to take tough feedback, and ways to maintain (or regain) motivation. And this is just her blog!

On the Nurse Nacole YouTube channel, she covers loads of topics any nursing professional will value. Her Podcast gives advice on things like being a new nurse practitioner and dealing with a toxic work environment. Her videos include a lot of resources related to nursing school, specific things you may be learning or relearning, dealing with patients, dosage calculations, exam prep and more. Don’t bypass the Nurse Nacole Instagram, either. She gives you a closer look at her family life and shares her passion for nursing and motivating others.

You aren’t alone in your NP journey, regardless of whether you are just starting out or have a few years of experience. Picmonic, along with our top NP resources of 2022, know this career will ask a lot of you, both during school and after, but we want you to remember that we are here for you. We’ve got your NP and FNP research-proven study support covered with Picmonic’s mnemonic learning system. But, we know you’ll enjoy these other experts who love sharing their passion for nursing and education as well as motivating others.


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I began my 14-year medical/ “Mursing” career as a Combat Medic for the Army Reserve. Shortly after completion of my BSN, I commissioned into the U.S. Army as an Army Nurse and began my tour of duty at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. My adventures have brought forth a beautiful wife, three red-headed children, and two dogs (Whisky and Pancakes). We’ve lived in Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Texas (yes, twice), Washington and Missouri. As of this captain’s log, I’m working on completion of my BSN-DNP program at Missouri State University to become a family nurse practitioner. My prior experience and friends in medical-surgical, outpatient primary/specialized care, nursing administration, and emergency/trauma nursing (MY FAVES) motivate me to guide, mentor, teach, learn from, share bread with, play dodgeball against, and be inspired by the next generation of not only nurses and APRNs, but the entire medical and allied health community.
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