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5 Things to Know Before You Become a Pre-Health Major

When you’ve finally decided you want to help people by joining the medical field, it’s a time to celebrate! …and get to work. It takes smarts, dedication, and good ol’ fashioned hard work to make it as a pre-health major. Picmonic is the ultimate pre-health major’s visual study aid.

It uses mnemonics to engage you with characters and drawings that help you remember pretty much, well, everything. At least 331% more than simply studying with a book. Not convinced you want to study pre-health yet? Here are five things you should know before you declare your pre-health major.

It Can Seem Overwhelming

The cool thing about being a pre-health major is that you have loads of opportunities to jump head first into your studies and get a real-world feel for what it means to be in the health field. There are tons of clubs, organizations, internships, and classes you can take. This will help you really immerse yourself in the profession, even before you ever get a lab coat.

That’s also the downside, too. Sometimes studying + internships + clubs + events + trying to find time to eat or see a friend (or even shower) can see daunting. So pick one or two medical-related activities and stick to it. While Picmonic can help to cut your study time in half, that doesn’t mean you should use your extra time to pick up one more activity for the resume. Find one or two things you feel good about it and place your energy into that. You’ll find you get a lot more done in your organizations that way.

Decide How Much You Like to Work

A lot of pre-health majors were probably among the smartest people in their high school classes, but college is a different thing entirely. As a pre-health major you’ll be asked to take some of the most challenging classes ever because you need that knowledge in the future no matter what medical field you go into.

It means a lot more of your time could be dedicated to school. You may even need to put together a study group or even start studying more than you did in high school. Picmonic’s visual study aids can help you by teaching you tons of facts in totally unforgettable ways, but you also have to be willing to put in the energy for your studies.

Learn to Schmooze

It may seem early, but networking is a big part of job placement in the medical field. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your pre-health advisor or any medical professionals that you know so you can have a better idea of what the profession looks like outside of school. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to reach out for internships. Most people are happy to let you shadow or take a summer position at their place of work.

Make Friends (Pre-Health Major or Not)

When you go on to the medical school for your field of study, they may be impressed by your grades and your summer job, but they also want to see that you’re friendly, outgoing, and able to talk to people. It shows initiative, especially since medical professionals have to chat with patients to get a better idea of the medical help they need. If you’re unable to make a patient feel comfortable, you may not have that patient for very long.

Get the Hard Stuff Out of the Way

As a pre-health major, you will have a lot of science classes, so don’t put them off. Get started right away in your freshman year. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know the material and build upon it. Plus, if you get started with Picmonic’s visual study guides, it will make studying the hard stuff easier than ever. Picmonic Playlists help you learn and retain more in less time, so you can do other important things, like land that big summer internship.

Becoming a Pre-Health Major

Being a pre-health major is a rewarding way to spend your college career. Let Picmonics visual study guides help make it a little easier with content that can boost your test scores by 50%! Sign up today to try Picmonic for free!

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