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6 Tips for Studying with Picmonic for MCAT Biology

Every pre-med student knows the MCAT is a pretty freaking big deal. When your future as a doctor is on the line, you want to make sure you’re efficiently navigating through all your study resources. Don’t feel overwhelmed; we’ve been there and we’re here to help–with a collection of cards just for MCAT biology.

How Will Picmonic Improve MCAT Scores

The creators of Picmonic wanted to build a study resource to help them get through the most strenuous exam of medical school. After receiving a lot of incredible student feedback from med students, they decided to expand the Picmonic collection to pre-med students prepping for MCAT biology, making Picmonic a great biology learning app.

Picmonic is an audio-visual learning system that uses visual mnemonic methodology to help you memorize more information in less time. And the best part is, with Picmonic’s out-of-the-box style, you’re going to retain what you study.

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Picmonic converts complex topics into picture stories using play-on-words, rhymes, similar sounds, and literal portrayals. As you easily memorize the picture, you’ll be memorizing the topic. Studying with Picmonic for Biology is going to help you get through the section faster—helping you capture the points necessary to get the score of your dreams.

It’s a painless way to get through bio—and students even agree that it’s fun! Need some tips on how to integrate Picmonic into your MCAT biology studying? Read on!

How to Use Picmonic for MCAT Biology

1. Make sure you have some knowledge of the topic before you jump into Picmonic. Start by reading the corresponding section in your textbook, which will prepare you for retaining the most amount of information from the Picmonic image.

2. Listen while you learn. Picmonic unique images are built to create a memorable story in each card. Use the creative audio of topics to help enhance your memory of the image’s story.

3. Study groups of topics together, i.e. The Endocrine System. The complex interactions between organs will be easy to remember if you are viewing those cards in succession.

4. After learning new Picmonic topics, record your confidence rating by each associated topic in your content review book (Kaplan, EK, TPR), as well as in the Picmonic learning system. Review a few of those low confidence cards daily or every other day.

5. Test yourself on your memory of the Picmonic cards as you review sections in your book. Make it a fun mini-quiz to take a small break from reading! Revisit Picmonic cards that you might be struggling with.

6. Annotate! Write down Picmonic representations for topics and facts in your review book can help enhance your recall of them on practice tests and test day.

Picmonic is one of the best biology study apps you can use. Mastering Picmonic images will not only help you answer questions correctly, but also improve your recall efficiency! You’ll spend less time trying to remember and more time on those tougher critical-thinking questions.

Still wondering if Picmonic really works? Use it for your MCAT learning by trying it out for free today. You can sign up for the MCAT Biology trial cards and move through topics for free. Talk about a good deal. When you’re done, let us know what you think by sending us your thoughts to feedback@picmonic.com.

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