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5 Cool Jobs You Can Get with a Pre-Health Degree

5 Cool Jobs You Can Get With a Pre-Health Degree

Pre-health (or degrees that fall under that pre-health umbrella) is the degree most students get when they’re gearing up for a career in medicine. But what jobs can you get with a pre-health degree. Keep reading, we’ll share our favorites.

A pre-health degree can be the gateway to a successful medical career, so it makes sense that there’s a lot of work involved — and a lot of studying. That’s where Picmonic flies in to save the day! Like Superman, Picmonic has a secret identity: it’s a fun guide that’s actually an awesome learning tool. Sign up and try it for free! It’ll make learning easier and way more entertaining. Once you snag your degree you’ll have tons of opportunities coming your way! A pre-health degree is versatile and makes you an attractive candidate for several types of occupational jobs.

Here are Five Jobs You Can Get With a Pre-Health Degree.

Health Education


Wellness education is a big market. Just ask Dr. Oz. He gets to talk about Oprah-approved poop shapes for a living. If you don’t have a fear of public speaking or you’re interested in helping others shape their future and you’re okay with maybe having to talk about poop like Dr. Oz., it might be worth obtaining your certificate in teaching to teach health subjects such as nutrition, biology, or chemistry. At about $44,000 a year, you could make a huge impact on someone’s life and maybe even change the world, one student at a time.

Medical Assistant


Medical assistants let you utilize your pre-health degree while learning your way around a doctor’s office. Medical assistants are hired to support physicians by checking patient vital signs, administering medications and immunizations, and carrying out some clerical work. Often medical assistants are trained on the job, but since most doctors like to hire certified medical assistants for their offices, it might be worth taking an exam while still in school. With an average salary of $31,000 a year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s a great way to jump into the medical field.

Research or Technician Assistant

Technician Assistant

Depending on the field of study, many entry-level research assistant jobs only require an associate’s degree or certification. That means there are a ton of great research and technician jobs you can apply for with your pre-health degree. If you know you’re interested in this field before you graduate, it’s worth checking in with your advisor to see if they know of any job opportunities for you. Pay starts at roughly $40,000 and includes areas of study such as biotech research and chem labs.

Dental Assistant


This job has some bite! Well, hopefully not. Dental assistants can be trained on the job and a pre-health degree will definitely give you a boost in this job market. As a dental assistant, your tasks will include preparing patient rooms, clinical services, and supporting the dentist and dental hygienist by taking on office tasks. Certification and licensing are usually optional but look into the occupation by state to make sure your area doesn’t require it. This is a big industry with base pay starting at almost $36,000 and all the free toothbrushes you can handle.



There will be blood. At least if you’re a phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are trained on the job and, aside from California, Louisiana, and Nevada, certification is optional, making this a great occupation for someone with a pre-health degree. Starting with a base pay of $31,000 a year, phlebotomists don’t make as much as dental assistants, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics promises this is a booming industry with room to grow. Plus, you know, it’s a cool job title.

With so many awesome job opportunities, a pre-health degree is a surefire way to land a cool job post-graduation or while you’re continuing your education. But in order to get that degree, you’ve got to study. With Picmonic you’ll do better in school because it makes Zzzs-worthy textbooks A+ material by keeping the information fresh, fun, and interesting! Start your free Picmonic trial today!

Whether you’re prepping for the MCAT, PCAT, or Nursing School, Picmonic has you covered.


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