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Picmonic Achievements & XP: Helping you stay motivated to study

Staying motivated to study on a daily basis is tough. But forming and sticking with great study habits is of utmost importance if you want to reach your goals! With this in mind, Picmonic has received an upgrade designed to help keep you on track. Now, when you take actions that result in you learning content, you’ll earn eXPerience points – or XP for short. You can also unlock achievement-based badges by completing different challenges. Read on for the details!

What is Picmonic XP and how do I earn it?

When you learn on Picmonic, you earn points, and we call them experience points, or XP for short.

You earn XP any time you: 

• Watch a Picmonic on Educational mode 
• Answer a Quiz question correctly
• Vote on Quiz distractors
• Submit a False Bounty

You can track your XP earned via the graph at the bottom of the My Achievements tile on your Home Screen (via

screenshot of the my achievements dashboard

What is a Daily XP Goal Streak?

Picmonic Dashboard Streak

A Daily Goal Streak is the number of days in a row you have reached your XP (experience point) goal on Picmonic. 

If you are logged in, you can see your XP goal on your My Achievements tile (via When you hit your daily goal, the flame icon on your Tile will light up orange. With this new motivation to keep up with studying, we know you’ll be successful! 

You can update your Daily XP goal by clicking “Edit Goal” above the graph.

What are Achievements?

Picmonic Achievements

Achievements can be earned by completing various tasks on Picmonic like:

• Watching a specific number of Picmonics
• Maintaining a streak for a set number of days
• Earning a certain number of XP in a single day

Once you unlock an achievement, you’ll see it turn from grey to something a bit more exciting! 


To submit feedback on these features, or let us know how we can continue to improve and keep you motivated, just click here!

“I love it. The first time I saw XP pop up, I got so excited. Thank you for rolling this out. It will be super helpful with staying motivated to keep up with my daily dose of Picmonic. Not that it isn’t perfectly delightful… #MedLifeNoLifeMyLife”

“Points & achievement can make me addicting without realizing it”

It makes learning more fun. I love all those games I can play in between classes and these new additions to Picmonics can take their place. I have fun and study at the same time.”

“It’s really nice to see continuous growth within your education.  The points add a fun and new dynamic to Picmonic!”

“Motivates you to study”

Gives more motivation to come in and listen to Picmonic everyday!”

“It’s an incentive to use Picmonic often as well as do well”

I’m actually more motivated to learn. The points and achievements help me stay motivated to get to the next level.”

Keeps you motivated to study”

“Keeps track and keeps you motivated”

It provides even more encouragement to continue learning while also providing a motivation to complete your goals”

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