The False Bounty

Ever heard of a bug bounty?

If you catch an error in the tech world you might just get a bounty (a bonus). But ever heard of a “False Bounty?” It doesn’t exist yet. But we’re creating it because we are so adamant about helping you achieve your dreams.

How does it work?

Be the first to catch a true medical error (a falsehood) in our existing Picmonics, and we’ll hook you up with a free month of access in your area of study – a bounty for medical inaccuracies. Crazy? YES! But we’re all about giving you the highest quality most up-to-date content available! It’s all about helping you achieve your dreams for us.

True medical errors (falsehoods) include:

• Invalid facts • Invalid explanations

Find a medical inaccuracy?

To submit a report, just click the more menu (the three dots) within the fact you find it in, then click “Report Error”.
*We will award extensions of Picmonic subscription access for the reporting of true medical errors (falsehoods) as detailed above. Things that are not included as true medical errors: minor typos, mispronunciations, or the fact that Leukemia Luke’s lightsaber is a slightly different shade of green than we depicted – although we will do our best to correct those issues when identified. You’ll need to provide us with a reputable and up-to-date reference for your report. If you’re the first to locate a true medical error and report it using the Report Error function in our application, we’ll hook you up with an additional month of access for free – no strings attached. All reports will be responded to within approximately 60 days. All free access awarded will be at the discretion of Picmonic Staff and evaluated on an individual basis. Free time may not be exchanged for cash value or refunds. The terms of this program may change at any time for any reason at the discretion of Picmonic Staff.