5 Habits You Need When Studying for COMLEX webinar recorded on March 22, 2022.

5 Habits You Need When Studying for COMLEX [WEBINAR]

Success on COMLEX helps secure your preferred residency match. Nikolas Parisis, DO shares the five habits you need to develop now to effectively and efficiently study for COMLEX.

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5 Habits for Successfully Studying for COMLEX

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Be sure to check out Dr. Parisis on his social media channels, as he shares tons of great tips and advice for medical students and residents.

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If you’re short on time, below is a quick round-up of the five habits you need when studying for COMLEX presented by Dr. Parisis.

HABIT 1: Studying for COMLEX (or USMLE Step) Really Starts Day 1 in Med School

Sure dedicated studying doesn’t begin day one, but the foundation you’re building now is key to ensuring you’re successful in the future.

HABIT 2: Don’t Overload Yourself with Resources

There are a handful of core resources that most students and graduates agree work when studying for board exam prep. These include:

HABIT 3: Find a Study Scheduler That Works for You

A quick Google search will reveal several med school study schedulers. Or you can rely on a good ole’ fashion calendar (digital or hardcopy). Whatever works for you! And, be flexible during dedicated studying. This is the real world, and sometimes things come up. Dr. Parisis encourages you to give yourself grace.

HABIT 4: When In Doubt, Write It Out

There is a lot of research on why writing something down helps you solidify facts in your long-term memory.

HABIT 5: Take Care of Yourself

Getting adequate sleep and keeping a healthy diet will keep you functioning and studying at peak levels. As a healthcare student, you know better than most the physiological and neurological benefits of self-care.



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