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5 Things Every Pharm.D Grad Should Know

Going into a pharmaceutical career is exciting but you have to be dedicated to the field. That means as you work to you get your Pharm.D you have to be on time for class and labs, learn to interact with people in a professional manner, and look super sharp in a white lab coat (seriously, it really does jazz up an outfit).

Oh, and also there’s that whole know how to study to get a great NAPLEX score thing you have to do. Luckily, Picmonic’s mnemonic study guides teach you how to study more efficiently, so you can learn so much more in way less time. Yes! No more test cramming. Sign up for a free trial today!

But what happens after you graduate? There’s a lot to know before you start working as a pharmacist. Here are five tips from Picmonic to help you out on your first post-Pharm.D job!

Buy Comfy Shoes

We like to look good, but go for comfort over style when you start your first post-graduate job. Pharmacists spend a lot of the day on their feet and there isn’t a ton of downtime between checking prescriptions, talking to customers, or generally finding yourself on the move. Being upright all day is great for your FitBit, but hard on your heels. We recommend buying shoes with cushion and insoles so your dogs don’t start barking halfway through a shift.

Pharm.D – You’re One in a Million…ish

Pharmacists are part of a growing group. In 2014 it was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there was an estimated 297,100 pharmacists just in the United States. That number is steadily increasing which means job competition is fierce. All the more reason to be ahead of your class! Be a go-getter and use Picmonic’s visual study aids to help you ace your NAPLEX (and then actually remember what you learn). Also be sure to look into internships that can help you stand out from the crowd or pick up some certifications that will boost your career longterm. The pharmacist that goes the extra mile will be the one who lands the job.

Location, Location, Location

One of the great things about being a pharmacist is that you can do it from any state and there are tons of different environments where you can work. You’re not stuck inside a drug store in your hometown. You can find employment anywhere in the US in a variety of places including a hospital, grocery store, nursing home, military facility, or even a mail-order drug company. There’s tons of variety so your job will never be dull.

Hours May Vary

Because you can work anywhere, that means you can pretty much work anytime, too. Don’t be surprised if your first job makes you work nights, weekends, or a myriad of odd hours. Many hospitals and drug stores provide 24 hour pharmacy care, which is convenient for patients but not particularly convenient for your sleep schedule. Try to tough it out! As you rise in the ranks, you’ll be able to set your own schedule.

Life & Death

You know when people say things like, “This isn’t life or death we’re talking about here?” Yeah, pharmacy isn’t like that. It actually IS life or death. One mistake, even a small one, can cause a catastrophe with a human life at stake, so studying and knowing your stuff is really, really important. That’s why Picmonic is so great. Our mnemonic study guides use characters and stories to help you retain way more than just studying with a textbook. And you’ll remember what you learn for, like, forever.

Pharmacists have a wonderful career helping people feel better. This is just a sneak peek at the sort of things you may be dealing with once you enter the workfield. Of course, in order to get an awesome job as a pharmacist, first you have to pass the NAPLEX. That’s where Picmonic’s visual study guides come in. No more cramming, just fun illustrations and stories that will help you remember 331% more than traditional methods. Sign up for a free Picmonic trial today and see the difference in your test scores!

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