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Pharmacy School Apps That Will Make You Feel #Blessed

Pharmacy students! Welcome to the next 6 to 8 years of your life! The road to your Pharm.D can be a long one, but it’s rewarding and exciting. …Okay, and also a lot of hard work. Never fear, Picmonic can be your BFF during those FML pre-NAPLEX moments. Picmonic is the ultimate study guide, a forerunner of pharmacy school apps, giving you power-packed study sessions that help you remember pharmacology mnemonics way more than a few flashcards ever could.

While we think studying shouldn’t overwhelm your life, we do know that the convenience of studying from your phone can be much appreciated, so we put together six mostly free pharmacy school apps that will help you make the most of your time (and your brain!) no matter where you are.


Lexicomp Study app 1

No matter the medication question, Lexicomp has an answer. Lexicomp has dosage, drug side effects, drug interactions, administration techniques, and a slew of other information categories that you can find yourself generally stressing over as you study. While the app is free, it does feature an annual subscription after the first month so check with your school (or where you intern if applicable) to see if they have a subscription you can use.


Prognosis Study app 2

When you want to practice decision-making skills in a way that doesn’t put patients at risk, Prognosis is up for the challenge. This pharmacy school app allows you to learn about diseases, then use your knowledge to assess a clinical case scenario based on a real-life patient. The lessons, which have been evaluated by over 120 specialists, also include reasoning for the decisions being made so you get the low-down on how this patient simulation applies to your studies, and later on, your job.



Who doesn’t love a free, online database? The answer is nobody, especially when you’re a pharmacy student. While this isn’t an app, the Drugs.com website is mobile friendly and has all the information on Rx and OTC medications you’ll ever need, including pill identifiers, dosage suggestions, pricing, warnings, side-effects, DEA/FDA status, and drug reaction checkers, just to mention a few. Plus, no registration is required so access is fast and easy.


picmonic eye

We know what you’re thinking; this cool, easy-to-use visual study guide that I love very much is also available as an app on my phone? Yes! It totally is! Now you can take the best study buddy with you wherever you go. Just simply login to your Picmonic account and get going. All your favorites will be there waiting for you. We promise.



This free reference tool from WebMD is the perfect companion for the busy pharmaceutical student. The app features up-to-the-minute relevant medical news, a medication database, drug interaction information, disease and condition references, and protocol on over 600 clinical procedures. You still totally need to go to pharmacy school to be a pharmacist, but it’s nice to know you have a whole reference guide in your pocket just in case you need to quickly check up on something.

Pocket Pharmacist

Pocket Pharmacist

With Pocket Pharmacist you have the ability to determine drug compatibility, look up totally unbiased drug information, and to better understand how to manage a patient’s prescription list. The free app is made by a pharmacist specifically for pharmacists and pharmacy students, so it gives you some good insight into what life will be like when you wear the white coat to work. (Also, pssst. There’s a small web version of Pocket Pharmacist in case you want to use your computer instead of your phone.)

Pharmacy School Apps

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Pharmacy school can be pretty tough, but pharmacy school apps can make it much easier. So, drop the books and instead pick up a few apps and Picmonic for when you’re studying on the run. Picmonic helps you remember 331% more when you study with our visual guides. It’s way better than a boring textbook and can help you master mnemonics for pharmacology drugs. Try it today for free and see for yourself!

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