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PANCE Prep: Study Tips for PA Students

Fearing the unexpected is normal, but when it comes to PANCE prep, our nerves can affect our test scores. We think the more we know about test day, the better.

Of course before you can even take the PANCE you have to study. A lot. It’s easier if you use Picmonic as your PA study guide. You can try it for free to calm your nerves and get you as prepared as possible before T-day.

But what about when the studying is done and it’s actually test day? No need to break out into a cold sweat. We have the 411 on what you can expect when you take the PANCE.

Pance Prep: Bring Your ID!

Two forms of ID are required before you can even step foot into the exam room. You need at least one ID with your photo, like a passport, and at least one ID with your signature, like a credit card. Both forms of ID must match the name you registered with for the PANCE. Since checking in is kind of a whole process, it’s best to arrive at least thirty minutes early to the exam. No use stressing over time, plus having to reschedule a test and forfeit your testing fee because you’re late could really ruin a day.

You’re On Lockdown During the PANCE

You can’t take personal belongings into the room with you while you take the PANCE unless it’s prescribed to you, like an oxygen tank. Your personal effects will be stored in a locker you can access during scheduled breaks, but they’re subject to search so don’t bring any study guides with you! You’re not allowed to look at them anyway (plus, you really don’t need to since you studied enough!).

PANCE Details

The PANCE is a 5 hour exam made up of 300 multiple-choice questions that are divided up into 5 blocks of 60 questions with 60 minutes allowed for each question block. You also get an additional 15 minutes up front to complete the PANCE tutorial. This might seem overwhelming, but the testing center staff will go over all of this with you before the exam. Deep breaths! You will get breaks between sets.

Break it Up

You are given 45 minutes worth of scheduled breaks during the PANCE to be taken between your 60 minute test question blocks. Remember that you are responsible for keeping track of your break time and any time over 45 minutes will be taken away from your 60 minute question block. If you have to take a break while in the middle of a question set (an ‘unscheduled’ break), the time is deducted from the allotted 60 minute question block.

What we’re trying to say is, pee before the test starts.

Yes, the PANCE is an exhausting, rigorous test, but half the battle is knowing what to expect. The other half is studying hard. Physician assistant resources are hard to come by. Take a look at Picmonic for PAs to jump start the studying process. We’re so confident that we’ll get you ready for the PANCE that we guarantee it. Try it for free today!


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