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Go Back to the Basics: MCAT in Picmonic for Medicine

Maybe the key to success isn’t through some long, calculated journey, but rather at the root of everything. Sometimes it’s simple, and the answer has been there all along.
Cue a montage of the escape scene in Shawshank Redemption, the aliens dying from water in Signs, or the last scene of Saw. You never saw it coming, but it was right under your nose.
That’s what happened here at Picmonic with MCAT Biology!
For a lot of Picmonic users, it was the basic foundations of biology. What if studying the things we needed to learn to get INTO medical school actually helped us DURING medical school? Could the biology material from the MCAT help us 2-3 years later for our USMLE Step 1 Exams?

 Setting Up for Step 1 from the Beginning

Many current medical students may share the same point of view I had when entering medical school. I passed my MCAT, gotten accepted, and in a sense, I was set up to be successful. The hardest part, I figured, was done before I even stepped into my first medical school lecture hall; Step 1 wasn’t even on my radar. Gone were the days that I would have to remember organic chemistry, physics, how to write an essay, or basic biology. I was going to be a doctor and I was starting with a fresh notepad. Who studies the summer BEFORE medical school? Who brings notes into their first week of lecture?
Luckily, a lot of medical students are more insightful than I was. There’s been such a heavy demand for MCAT Biology cards to be included in our Picmonic for Medicine product that we had to re-evaluate. When we developed Picmonic for MCAT, it never crossed our minds that such seemingly antiquated topics (in the realm of knowledge we’d have to accrue to become doctors) would be helpful in medical school. We thought, Hey, it could be so basic that it may not be helpful. On the other hand, crap, I always mix up systole and diastole; it might be nice to have a basic card to help me remember them. 

Med Basics Included for YOU

What I’m getting at is to save yourself the trouble of having two subscriptions… we decided to include Med Basics (A.K.A. MCAT Biology) into your current Picmonic for Medicine subscription at no additional cost to you!
If you’re new to med school, 10 minutes with a renal basics card will save you hours of reading through Robbins while trying to remember if the collecting ducts come before or after the Loop of Henle. We’ve all been there.
So now, Picmonic for Medicine will be a useful segue into a block or organ system before getting into the specifics. The cards may have been made for MCAT biology, but they are a great FOUNDATION for studies in medicine.
Imagine yourself backed against a wall, with the biggest obstacle of your medical career closing in on you. Step 1 breathing down your neck, threatening to end your life just as the poorly planned alien characters in M. Night Shymalan’s Signs did to Joaquin Phoenix. You’ve tried every tool at your disposal to help you succeed, but your dark fate is still looming. A glass of water may not defeat the Step 1 exam (Signs reference), but basic science might!
When the going gets tough, the answer to your woes is to go back to the basics and solidify what’s at the root of it all.  With these new foundation cards, you’ll have the old, the new, and over 1,100 quality Picmonics strengthening what’s at the core of your studies. Now go check ’em out in your library!
Ron Robertson

Ron Robertson, Co-founder & CEO, Picmonic Inc.

Ron Robertson founded Picmonic as a 3rd-year medical student at the University of Arizona. He’s at the helm of Picmonic’s mission to lead and inspire a new era of learning through innovative and effective educational solutions. Ron holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of San Diego with a focus on memory science, is the product visionary behind Picmonic, and is involved in every aspect of the company.

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