Nurses: Let’s Get Clinical!

lets-get-clinical-1440x480If you believe everything you see on TV, nursing school is all fun, games, crushing on your fellow students, and sometimes learningTV is wrong! Nursing school is a fast-paced atmosphere full of lectures, books, more lectures, and clinical rounds.

Some nursing students might get stressed out by clinicals but you don’t have to be, especially if you really know your stuff. Not to brag (okay, we’re gonna brag) but Picmonic helps you retain up to 330% more with our visual storytelling platform as your super smart study guide. No more cramming for tests! With Picmonic, studying becomes easy. So easy you might even have time for all those fun and games we mentioned earlier.

You know, in between lectures and clinicals.

Still nervous? We’ll give you the lowdown so you’re feeling confident as soon as you walk through the door.

You’re Not Alone

Your first time in a new location for a clinical can be a lot of pressure to say the very least. You don’t know where to even wash your hands much less where to grab a patient’s chart. The people around you appear so busy that you’re afraid to even ask where the bathroom is (not that you’ll have time to use it at all). Meanwhile, your fellow students are looking cool, calm, and collected.

Here’s a head’s up- they’re faking it. They’re as scared as you are. Try to relax and remember there’s always going to be a learning curve for a new position, yes even in clinicals. Especially clinicals.

Ask the Question You’re Afraid to Ask

Asking questions on the first day can be difficult, but don’t be afraid. It shows you’re interested in being the best nurse you can be and enthusiasm never goes unnoticed. It also helps to keep in mind that the more questions you ask, the safer your patient will be.

…But Also Know When Not to Ask a Question

Use your best judgment to determine when you shouldn’t ask a question. If it’s something you think you should have known before you started a clinical round, look up the answer yourself. Even the nicest clinical instructor can become frustrated if they feel like they’re reteaching something. Additionally, don’t be offended if you ask a question and you’re ignored. Some nursing instructors expect you to find everything on your own. You know, tough love!

Buy The Ugly Shoes

With all the walking you’ll be doing, you’ll best your friends at a FitBit challenge, but you’ll also have some barking dogs. And they won’t be cute. Nursing shoes aren’t the most stylish, but they will be the most comfortable so just buy them. Your feet will thank you.

Be Prepared (And On Time)

Do your homework, readings, and study with Picmonic after your lecture so you can be as prepared as possible for your clinical rounds. You’re also going to want to be on time for everything. Showing up to clinicals even a few minutes late says you have a lack of time management skills, an inability to focus, and you don’t take your nursing career very seriously. At least, that’s what your clinical instructor will think. Make a checklist the day before of everything you’ll need so you’re set, ready to go, and on-time.

Know You’ll Never Be Totally Prepared

You can be as prepared as possible and do all your readings, but expect the unexpected, expect to be surprised and expect to feel a little lost. This is normal when you begin clinicals and eventually, you will get into the swing of things.

Clinicals might stress you out, but studying with Picmonic will help you walk in with a confidence and a little bit of an edge. Picmonic is guaranteed to help you learn and retain more information than you would by just studying a textbook. We make it super easier to be the smartest in class. Try Picmonic today to experience the joy (Yes! We said joy!) of studying.

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Marlee Liberman

Marlee Liberman, RN, Master Nursing Scholar

As a registered nurse, Marlee understands the struggles that nursing school throws at you – not to mention the overwhelming pressure preparing for the NCLEX®! Marlee brings a unique skill set and perspective to Picmonic with her previous degree in broadcast journalism, her creativity in video production, and her wandering nomad lifestyle. Her blend of talents provides her with the knack for simplifying complicated concepts and demystifying the world of nursing.

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