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Critical Clinicals: 70 Cheat Sheets for Nursing School, NCLEX Studying, and New Grads

No matter where you are in your nursing journey — your first day, a week before the NCLEX®, or practicing in the field — there will be times you can use a little help. Like a shortcut. Or a tiny cheat…if you will. And while we don’t encourage cheating, we’ve created Picmonic, our content, and our companion tools, like nursing cheat sheets, to make learning complex nursing topics so easy, it can FEEL like you’re cheating.

Critical Clinicals: 70 Cheat Sheets for Nursing School, NCLEX Studying, and New Grads

We know your time is valuable so we came up with these 70 Critical Clinical Cheat Sheets for nursing students to help you retain the information faster than ever. We’re covering literally HUNDREDS of mnemonics, with unforgettable characters to help you memorize the nursing facts you need to know for the long term.

Research proven to be effective when studying for nursing school and the NCLEX, Picmonic uses memory science to create unforgettable stories and characters teaching you everything you need to know to be a confident health care professional.

In Critical Clinicals, you’ll master:

👉 Test-Taking Strategies

👉 Lab Values

👉 Fundamentals

👉 Cardiovascular System

👉 Respiratory System

👉 Integumentary System

👉 Immune System

👉 Endocrine System

👉 Gastrointestinal System

👉 Electrolytes

👉 Hematological

👉 Musculoskeletal System

👉 Nervous System

👉 Reproductive / Obstetrics

👉 Pharmacology

We recommend you use these cheat sheets in conjunction with the Picmonic App, as you’ll get more bang for your buck. However, if that’s not possible, don’t stress! We designed these little life-savers so you can use them all on their own; the app is only optional.

If you do decide to use these with the app, you’ll notice we’ve included QR codes directing you to the specific Picmonics, making finding supplementary content easy-peasy. All you have to do is open your camera app and point! Voilà! You’ll become a nursing memory master in no time.


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Critical Clinicals Snippet: Electrolytes Lab Values Cheat Sheet

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If you’re looking to supplement all the great content you’re studying in lecture, check out our blog, Electric Electrolytes! A Picmonic for Nursing Student Resource for 2021. And, if you’re more visual (as we know many Picmonic users are!), this electrolyte review webinar is killer!

Now go on and study your little heart out. And, don’t forget, to whip these bad boys out of your back pocket whenever you need a little refresher or support.


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