Marlee Liberman, Picmonic's master nursing scholar

5 Secrets for Prepping for the NCLEXⓇ While Rockin’ Nursing School [WEBINAR]

It may seem like class just started, but graduation and the NCLEXⓇ will be here before you know it. Marlee Liberman, Picmonic’s master nursing scholar, shares her secrets for prepping for the NCLEX, while already rocking nursing school. Be prepared to take the NCLEX as soon as you graduate.

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And, if you’re looking for a quick outline of these secrets for studying for the NCLEX, check it out below.

5 Secrets for Prepping for the NCLEX While Still Rockin’ Nursing School

SECRET 1: Start EARLY. From day one ideally. If not six to 11 months before the test.

SECRET 2: Build a study plan.
Set up a calendar of daily study time

Consider study partners who will keep you accountable
Allow for remediation of subjects or systems that need more study than others


SECRET 3: Learn actively. Use coursework and exams to prepare.

What you learn in class may not be exactly what you’re tested on, but building on coursework makes you a more successful student, more prepared for the NCLEX, and a better healthcare provider.
By building on what you’re learning in combination with preparing for the NCLEX, you’ll feel more confident on testing day.

SECRET 4: Practice NCLEX-style questions.

NCLEX-style questions aren’t about the right answer, they’re focused on the best answer in the given situation. This is a new way of thinking and when you start exercising this early, you create muscle memory.

Tips for Answering NCLEX-Style Questions

  • When Answering a “First” Question, Think Systematically
  • When Answering a “Best” Question, Consider What ONE Thing the Nurse can do for the Best Outcome and Leave
  • When Answering a “Select All That Apply” Question, Read the Question, Read the Answers, Then Read the Question Again

SECRET 5: Don’t draw from past clinical or work experiences.

The circumstances from previous situations can cloud your judgment when it comes to answering questions. What worked or didn’t work for that patient in that circumstance may not be the “textbook” answer.
ADPIE every question for its own value.

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