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Whether your occupational therapy (OT) career started years ago, or you are considering applying for an OT master’s or doctorate program, you need to know where the best resources are. Learn Occupational Therapy with Picmonic. Picmonic has tools and guides to help you study more efficiently, retain information and pass your exams, but we believe knowing the resources to help you make career choices, stay fresh on topics to help your patients, and learn about what’s new in your field is a great way to stay on top of your game.

So, along with Picmonic for OT, we are sharing our expert’s other favorite occupational therapy resources!

The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA)

AOTA is the national professional association established in 1917 that represents the interests and concerns of occupational therapy practitioners and OT students, and exists to improve the quality of occupational therapy services. There are more than 60,000 members from around the United States.

OT students can find a wide array of information and resources here. Things like background about the field, what to consider when looking for an OT master’s or doctorate program, information about fieldwork, insights about different OT specialties, and much more.

OT Miri

Miri uses her experiences as an occupational therapy student, as someone who didn’t pass the NBCOT the first time, and as a practicing OT to help future therapists. OT Miri’s vast YouTube channel has so much helpful content to enjoy “so that you will be inspired and empowered through every stage of your OT journey.”

Miri’s content is always free. So visit her site or channel to enhance your studying on everything from infant reflexes to Alzheimer’s disease. Refer to OT Miri during school, preparing for the NBCOT exam, when you begin your job search, and to refresh your skills because she will be there ready to inspire you!

My OT Spot

Created by a passionate OT, My OT Spot has content about all aspects of becoming and being an occupational therapist. Some of the content comes with a cost, but there is also a lot of free information as well! Check out her blog for everything from Telehealth and vision OT, to writing your resume and OT burnout.

Some of the paid content includes patient handouts and treatment guides, and e-books on a number of different topics.

The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT)

NBCOT is your home for everything related to your certification exam and recertification as an OT or in a specialty. Occupational therapy students use NBCOT to understand the eligibility requirements for your certification exam, exam prep resources that will complement Picmonic, applying for the exam and what happens after the exam.

The NBCOT is a big part of your education and a big step in your career. Having NBCOT nearby will be helpful to ensure you are prepared for the NBCOT, state certifications and what comes next.

Shannen Marie OT

A self-described “morning person”, Shannen Marie openly shares her experiences and journey as a newer OT. She offers her personal insights, from passing the NBCOT and leaving her first OT job and those accompanying emotions, to product reviews and a look at different OT settings.

One of the things we really love about Shannen Marie OT is the content around OT school and the student journey. Check out Incoming First Year OT Student Tips and Accepted: What it Means to be an Occupational Therapist to get started. She graduated from her OT program in 2016 so all of the classes, lectures, exams and late-nights are still pretty fresh making her perspective valuable for current and future students.

OT Career Path

For someone planning to attend OT school, there are tremendous resources here at OT Career Path. Future students can find information about applying to school, costs for school and OT schools by state. You can find an OT school’s requirements, website, average class size, phone and email, physical address and whether or not the program is accredited by ACOTE.

Once you’ve picked your school and have started to think about graduation and receiving your certification, OT Career Path has a list of state licensing boards. Lastly, OT Career Path has salary information including salaries by state for OTs.

Kids OT Help

Nekole of Kids OT Help is a pediatric occupational therapist and shares her knowledge and passion for serving the youngest patients. Learn all about children’s development, educational toys and product recommendations, and activities to try with kids by visiting her website and using her many pediatric-focused YouTube videos.

Kids OT Help’s Nekole specializes in feeding and even offers a mini-course called “Weening Essentials”, but she also offers content on tummy time, milestones, sensory processing disorder, fine motor skills and even parental self-care.

Lovelyy OT

What we love about the YouTube channel Lovelyy OT is that she covers OT subjects you will need for school and NBCOT prep, but also the lifestyle of being an OT. She shares productivity tips, what it’s like working in the healthcare field, stress reduction tips and she even reviews scrubs and gives workday makeup recommendations!

Turn to Lovelyy OT for a real-life take on all things occupational therapy, helpful content about specific courses and conditions, and her trusted study tips like using Picmonic for OT!

Allied Health Schools

There’s a lot to like about this resource. It covers the expected information, including background about being an OT and applying to school, but it also shares the history of the field, and related fields like speech pathology and audiology – other allied health careers. Allied Health Schools outlines the different degree paths and educational options allowing students to research and select the best fit for them. You can also find career outlook, salaries and even job descriptions.

Whether it’s a master’s or doctorate program, Allied Health Schools obviously has what you need to research the best schools in your area or online to earn your OT degree. There are a lot of options available, and Allied Health Schools helps you make that decision.

Becoming an occupational therapist is an important career that takes years and dedication. The great news is that there are more than 100,000 OTs working to change lives every day, empowering the next generation of occupational therapists. These are just a few of our favorite and most-visited OT resources for during school, NBCOT prep, job searching, refreshing your skills, and to laugh and have some fun with peers in the field.

Just remember, regardless of what stage of your OT career you are currently in, you aren’t alone! Study occupational therapy with Picmonic, classmates and colleagues and a few other helpful and engaging resources here, and you’ll do well in school and beyond.

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