Joe Hwang's tips for physician assistant school.

3 Must-Dos for Supporting Your Health & Thriving in Physician Assistant School

While in Physician Assistant School, Joe Hwang set four powerlifting world records during his clinical year and earned a 4.0 in his didactic year, all while getting to bed before 11 pm every night! Joe recently shared the most important tools and tips from his time during school, including study tips, meal prep, and exercise.

Looking for a quick summary of his three steps for studying in PA school? We’ve listed them below:

3 Steps to Prepare for Lectures in Physician Assistant School

STEP 1: Before the Lecture 

  • Skim PPT/objectives/Picmonics 

STEP 2: During the Lecture 

  • Pay attention
  • Pull up Picmonic during the lecture

STEP 3: After the Lecture

  • Use Spaced Repetition – KEEP YOUR FLASHCARDS SIMPLE!!!
  • Talk through objectives with classmates
  • Google docs question bank!

🖱️ Resources to Prepare for the PANCE & PANRE at the Click of a Mouse

And, just because we like to be helpful, here are a few resources for studying in Physician Assistant school:

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