In this webinar, Jerllyhia Dotson, BSN, RN shares five insider tips for studying for the NCLEX.

5 Insider Tips for Mastering NCLEXⓇ Prep [WEBINAR]

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After classes are finished and the graduation celebration is over, nursing students have one last exam standing between them and their first job—the NCLEX. Jerllyhia Dotson, BSN, RN shares five insider tips for mastering NCLEX prep. It’s never too early to start studying for the NCLEX. 

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5 Tips for Studying for the NCLEX

Looking for a quick summary of Jay’s tips for studying for NCLEX? We’ve listed them below:

TIP 1: Create a Study Plan

Learning for NCLEX starts on day one, building a solid foundation of knowledge early helps you to master the content prior to dedicated NCLEX studying. As far as a dedicated study period, Jay recommends six weeks to really focus on studying. 

Jay recommends setting SMART Goals for studying. Be specific about what you’re going to study and how many questions you’re going to tackle in the day. How will you study? Where? For how long? Define this before you crack a book or launch an online study tool.

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TIP 2: Practice as Many Questions as You Can

HINT: The TrueLearn NCLEX-RN SmartBank features more than 900 questions 

Jay quizzed on 100 questions daily. And, she focused her learning and studying the material from the questions she got wrong. What was the rationale for why she missed it? Jay shared THE notebook she created for material she missed, featuring, of course, motivational quotes!

TIP 3: Dress to Impress

When studying, Jay always got dressed as if she was going to take her NCLEX exam. She was comfy and ready to focus on studying—nothing to distract her! Plus, this helps to get and keep you in NCLEX mode.

TIP 4: Avoid Information Overload

Do you know a nursing grad who went NCLEX crazy? So…how do you choose your tools for studying? Here’s what Jay recommends:

  • Podcast: Find one preferred Podcast to listen to and learn from, especially on the go!
  • Question Banks: Limit yourself to one to two question banks. 
  • Video Content: Find one visual learning aid (Jay preferred Picmonic!).

PS: Jay used Picmonic, Mark Klimek’s podcast, and Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 8e 8th Edition

TIP 5: Know that the NCLEX Isn’t Trying to Trick You

The NCLEX is determining that you are a safe and competent nurse. Slow down. Read the question. And don’t infer what you think they’re trying to get you to say. 

PS, Check out the webinar on Mastering Tricky NCLEX Questions 

And…Jay’s final thoughts

Walk into the NCLEX exam like the boss you are! Good luck everyone!”


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