Free NCLEX® Study Resources

The Free NCLEX® Study Resources for Nursing Students You Need Now

We get it, nursing school is expensive! So, to help you get ahead—and save a little cash, we put together a comprehensive list of MUST have study tools to help you succeed on the NCLEX®. While you might still purchase some paid tools to help you study for your test, there are tons of free tools and resources available that are worth looking into. Adding one or two of these free resources might save you a few dollars but also help you along with your studying. 

Paid vs FREE NCLEX® Study Resources

While most free resources might only give you a small percentage of the study tools for free, these free trials or “freemium” optioins are a great way to test out whether or not it will work for you. Then you’ll know what study resources are worth spending money on…before you buy them. 

Use free trials for any resources you want to explore before purchasing them. There are also hundreds of free resources online in the form of videos for nursing students or downloads which you’ll never have to pay for. You may not be able to get a lot of NCLEX test prep for free but you can easily study topics that people make free explainer videos for on platforms like YouTube. It’s a good idea to look at what’s out there for free first, then decide what you’ll want to spend money on after. 

Where to Find Free NCLEX Study Tools

Finding free NCLEX study tools and resources is really just a few clicks away.

NCLEX Study Resources from Your Nursing School

You might be surprised to learn that your school has tons of NCLEX and nursing school study resources. Check out resources from your school before paying for one. Chances are that they might have a subscription to a service or app you would want.  

Schools will often have test prep resources free for students. Schools can purchase resources for professors, departments, and even library resources. If you are unsure of what is available to you, your professor should be able to let you know what they already have for you to use. Also, check with your school librarian and even your nursing advisor. 

YouTube for NCLEX Study Prep

YouTube offers a plethora of nursing channels packed full of wisdom. And the best part of these real-life experience videos? They’re free. Oftentimes students who already passed the NCLEX help share how they did it so you can use the tips and tools that helped them. 

And it’s not just students making videos. You can find professional nursing and teaching channels that give away in-depth information—just like a professor would. They are often easy to find through their playlists which help you find all the related videos they have on one topic like NCLEX study tips or even a specific topic you’d need to learn like nursing dosage calculations. 

Be sure to check out your favorite nursing accounts to see if they have videos on NCLEX prep. Some NCLEX prep accounts we love include:

And, of course, Picmonic also has a YouTube channel featuring hundreds of free and beneficial videos. Check out Picmonic’s YouTube channel!

Check out this blog that covers all of our top Nursing Youtube Channels for NCLEX help and more!

Pomodoro Technique for NCLEX Prep

There is so much research out there explaining the benefits of using the Pomodoro technique to pace yourself and your studies. It’s based on the fact your brain absorbs information for a set amount of time efficiently before it needs a break. If you keep going, you’ll be less likely to retain what you learn after that set time. 

The Pomodoro technique instead helps you work on learning for the maximum amount of time efficiently and gives you breaks at the most needed times to help your brain recharge and get back into peak learning mode. 

You can download a free app on your phone or computer that will set the timers for you, ding when you need a break, and let you know when it’s time to get back to studying. While there are paid versions of these Pomodoro timers you can find really great ones for free too. One of the free ones you can check out is the Pomodoro Timer by FocusToDo

Here’s an example of how you can use the Pomodoro Technique:

An infographic highlighting how to use the Pomodoro Technique.

Freemium Study Apps for the NCLEX


With Picmonic’s free version, you get access to one Picmonic video play per day, 20 quiz questions, and one round of Picmonic’s daily quiz with spaced repetition. Sign up today!


NCLEX Practice Question Test Bank

The NCLEX Practice Question Test Bank powered by TrueLearn is an exam prep product with question banks and rich answer explanations. Study smarter with NCLEX-style questions featuring detailed explanations guiding you to the most important Picmonics to master. And, together these tools adapt to you, increasing the effectiveness and focus of your study time. With the free version, you get access to 20 free practice questions. Sign up today.

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