YouTube Videos on Electrolytes We Have to Share

5 YouTube Videos on Electrolytes We Have to Share

When it comes to resources for studying electrolytes, we have them in spades. Hundreds of Picmonic videos, many aligned directly with your nursing textbooks, Playlists, Infographics, and blogs. All rounded up below. And, we have one more very special gift: five YouTube videos on electrolytes and fluid levels we just had to share.

But first…

Our Favorite Picmonic Resources Covering Electrolytes

Infographics Covering Electrolyte Abnormalities

5 YouTube Videos on Electrolytes

Electrolyte Imbalances and Lab Values Made Easy

Kengall Wyatt MD, RN

Fluid and Electrolytes: Everything You Need to Know

Nurse Bass

Electrolytes in the ECF and ICF

Medicosis Perfectionalis

Hyponatremia Fluid & Electrolytes Nursing Students Made So Easy NCLEX Review


Fluid and Electrolytes | 2 Minute Electrolyte Wrap Up

Simple Nursing

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