5 Tips For Your Second Year of Nursing School

5 Must-Do Tips for Your Second Year of Nursing School

ICU nurse Ashley Adkins recently joined Picmonic CEO, Ron Robertson to share her must-do tips for your second year of nursing school. 

From preparing for the NCLEX to discovering your nursing niche, Ashley shared her must-do advice for studying and scheduling, how discovering her passion for bedside nursing helped to shape her career, and how you too can explore your “nursing why.” 

5 Must-Do Tips for Your Second Year of Nursing School

Looking for a quick summary of Ashley’s five must-dos? We’ve listed her tips and some of the tools mentioned below. 👇 

tip 1 secrets to success nursing school start fast have a purpose
Use your first year to confirm you enjoy nursing. Use your second year to discover any specialties you’re drawn to and identify your nursing niche.

tip 2 secrets to success nursing school know your learning style
Nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint: Start preparing for NCLEX from day one.

tip 3 secrets to success nursing school schedule your time
Before starting your second year, go back and review your first-year topics–many are fundamental building blocks for your second-year topics.

tip 4 secrets to success nursing school be adaptable resilient
As you begin your final semester, create a study and prep schedule, and stick with it. This will be your more intense semester and it helps to have a plan. Don’t plan to cram!

tip 5 secrets of success nursing school nclex picmonic playlist
If possible, take the NCLEX quickly after graduation when the information is fresh in your mind.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the NCLEX and your career after graduation.

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