Webinars to Watch While Studying for NCLEX-RNⓇ

Webinars to Watch While Studying for NCLEX-RNⓇ

The weeks before the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses—or the NCLEX-RNⓇ for short—are full of questions. And only some of those are the NCLEXⓇ-style questions recent nursing school graduates are practicing. That’s why we’ve created this list of questions about the NCLEX and webinars, to help you get ahead on NCLEX exam day.

You already know the NCLEX is the board exam recent nursing grads have to pass before obtaining their license as a registered nurse.

The NCLEX exam is delivered by a testing technique known as computerized adaptive testing (CAT). This means the exam is unique and personalized based on the questions already answered, increasing exam efficiency.

According to the NCSBN, the member organization for the nursing regulating bodies for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four US territories, the first-time pass rate for US-educated nursing grads in 2021 was just more than 86%.

So, what happens if you don’t pass the NCLEX exam?

Nothing. You can take it again, and again (and we know grads who haven’t!). Nursing hopefuls who don’t pass the NCLEX can retake the exam after 45 days. And, the retake policy allows for retaking the exam up to eight times a year, as long as there are 45 exam-free days between each test. But…that sounds like a lot of work, so let us help you pass the NCLEX on the first try.

The Secret to Select All That Apply and Other Tips for NCLEX-Style Questions

In this short webinar, our friend Kevin Gibson, BSN, RN (aka @thebootnurse) shares tried-and-true tricks for tackling those tricky NCLEX-style questions! And after that, he even gave a few additional tips for taking the NCLEX.

Here’s a little sneak peek of Kevin’s tips—though you’re going to want to watch the whole thing to get the most value from this webinar.

  • TIP #1: When Answering a “First” Question, Think Systematically
  • TIP #2: When Answering a “Best” Question, Consider What ONE Thing the Nurse can do for the Best Outcome and Leave
  • TIP #3: When Answering a “Select All That Apply” Question, Read the Question, Read the Answers, Then Read the Question Again

How to Pass the NCLEX the First Time

In this video, Marlee Liberman, Picmonic’s Master Nursing Scholar shares her tips for passing the NCLEX the first time.

3 NCLEX Prep Time Management Methods You Need to Know

Marlee’s back to share her go-to time management methods for studying for the NCLEX, including time-boxed NCLEX study planning.

Tips for Studying for the NCLEX from a NICU Nurse

In this webinar for nursing students, NICU nurse Joshua Castilleja shares his tips for effective and efficient NCLEX prep.

7 Tips to Crush the NCLEX

Kevin Gibson is back to share seven tried-and-true tips for crushing the NCLEX. He covered everything from managing your study time, tools for success, tips for reducing test anxiety, practical NCLEX advice, and more! And, after his content was done, he fielded a super helpful question and answer session.

After graduating from nursing school, the NCLEX exam is the last step toward your nursing career, enabling you to practice as a licensed nurse. If you’re feeling the pressure you’re not alone. With all this amazing advice for passing the NCLEX, and by studying with Picmonic, we’re confident you’ll pass the NCLEX the first time, guaranteed.


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