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[Video] Mastering Medicine: Q&A w/ Carlos Velez – How to Create a Better Flashcard to Succeed in Med School

Episode: How to Create a Better Flashcard to Succeed in Medical school. Carlos Velez teamed up with Picmonic to become the first Verified Creator with his set of Polyposis Syndromes, he created hundreds of Picmonics to master med school.

How to create effective flashcards for studying

Creating effective flashcards is an excellent study strategy for medical school, where the volume of information is substantial. Here are some tips for creating better flashcards:

1. Focus on high-yield material

Identify the most important information from your lectures, textbooks or study guides. Prioritize concepts, facts and topics that are likely to appear on exams or have clinical reference.

2. One concept per card

Each flashcard should cover a single concept or fact. This makes it easier to review and test your knowledge efficiently.

3. Include images or diagrams

Visual aids can help you remember complex information. Add diagrams, charts or images to reinforce your understanding.

4. Use digital tools

Consider using digital flashcards platforms like Anki or Picmonic. These tools also offer spaced repetition, allowing you to review cards at optimal intervals for better retention.

5. Use key terms and mnemonics

Highlight key information and terms and create mnemonics for challenging lists or sequences, making them easier to remember.


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