HIV Susceptible Diseases by CD4+ Count

Picmonic Infographics: HIV Susceptible Diseases by CD4+ Count

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I hated about medical school is that I had to remember what microorganism infections are associated with what level of CD4+ counts. Although I knew mastering this information would help me score extra points on exams and even come in handy clinically, I still despised the memorization necessary to lock these details in. CD500…list of bugs, CD200…list of bugs, and CD100…another list of bugs. Something about the arbitrary numbers and the random list of organisms just made me cringe every time I tried to jam them in my head.

opportunistic infections inforgraphic

This is another great example of why we created Picmonic. It can be a great tool if you’re struggling with how to learn medicine. Finally, I can quickly and easily master these lists for good. In addition, the Picmonic illustrators created an amazing infographic that ties all the different CD4+ levels together. If you’ve already learned each of the individual Picmonics for the different CD4+ count levels, then this infographic should come in handy to give you a big picture snapshot of the whole spectrum of diseases. If you haven’t learned the Picmonics yet, no sweat! Learn them here.

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